We’re delighted to be able to welcome our members back to our Clubs.

Whether you’ve been making the most of the range of free Live and On Demand workouts we’ve offered via our app, or have altered your fitness routine and turned to running, cycling or walking to keep fit over recent weeks, we can’t wait to see you back in our gyms.

To help ease you back into a comfortable and effective workout routine, we’ve compiled a list of simple hints and tips to bear in mind as you return to the gym:

Give yourself enough time

After a few months away from the gym, it’s important to give yourself enough time to safely work out.

Our gyms have been modified to allow plenty of space between all our equipment, and we’ve introduced additional, temporary gym space at most of our clubs. With this in mind, it could be a good idea to allow plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the new gym setup and some of the guidelines we’ve introduced to keep everybody safe.

Make sure you stretch and warm up correctly

Even if you’ve been diligently working out at home, putting in the miles or easing back into playing organised sport, it’s likely that when returning to the gym, you’ll be using muscles that you’ve not used for a while.

This makes warming up and stretching vitally important to help you steer clear of injury. If you’re planning on having a weights session, consider warming up with body weight exercises to ready your muscles for the stress of lifting weights. If it’s an intense cardio session you’ve been looking forward to, then allow yourself time to go through a range of stretches, including dynamic stretches, to ensure your muscles are ready for action. 

Take it easy – don’t push yourself too hard

Once you’re back in your training kit and in the gym again, it can be easy to forget that it’s been such a long time since you were last in the gym.

With weight training in particular, it’s a good idea to ease yourself gently back in. Trying to work out at the same intensity and frequency as before gyms were closed could result in soreness or injury. Get yourself back towards your previous level by starting with lower weights and a lighter schedule to give your body chance to get used to the load you’re placing on it.

Make time for rest and recovery

It might be tempting to rush back to the gym and to work out every single day following such a long break away. But this could be detrimental to your body, so make time for rest periods to allow your body to recover from the stress of returning to the gym.

It’s also important to get enough sleep to give your body the best possible chance of recovering from any soreness or tiredness you may be feeling.

Remember to stay safe and be aware of others

When returning to the gym, it’s important that we all work together to stay safe. By remembering to wipe down equipment after you use it, to use hand sanitiser when entering the gym and to always remain a safe distance from other gym users, you’ll help us to provide everybody with a safe gym experience.

Please also be aware of all new signage in our gyms, and bring a pre-filled water bottle, as we are currently unable to open our water fountains.

And finally, just enjoy being back!

Try not to worry too much about your fitness level, your goals and targets for the first few times you come back to the gym. Forget about the pressure of getting back to where you were before lockdown started.

Instead, focus on getting into the groove of using the correct technique, and simply enjoying being back in the gym, working out alongside fellow members with state-of-the-art equipment. You’ll feel good and enjoy the positive endorphins a great workout can provide you with.

Enjoy listening to music when your work out? Check out our ‘Back to the gym’ playlist.

Tips for getting back into a gym routine
Article Name
Tips for getting back into a gym routine
We’re delighted to be able to welcome our members back to our clubs from 25th July. View our hints and tips to help you get back into a gym routine.