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Sportsman physique | Workouts for tennis players

Tennis players need both high levels of cardiovascular fitness and strength in order to compete and play an entire match…

Learning advanced tennis technique

Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques of tennis, you can start to attempt more advanced strokes and tactics. Cue the…

Bolton Tennis Club Member of the Month | Phillip Ashworth

Each month we like to recognise one of our brilliant tennis players. And, this month is the turn of Phillip Ashworth who plays tennis at David Lloyd Bolton…

What is padel tennis?

As one of the fastest growing sports in the world, padel tennis is still relatively unknown in the UK. Find out what padel tennis is and how you can play it, here…

Judy Murray’s most inspirational quotes

There’s nothing like an inspirational quote to motivate you. So, take a look at the best quotes from Judy Murray…

Aberdeen Tennis Club Member of the Month | Garry Corbett

Meet Garry Corbett who plays tennis in Aberdeen. Find out about his game and why he’s our Tennis Member of the Month!

Watch Judy Murray’s coaching techniques for kids

Watch Judy Murray’s coaching technique videos for kids – it’ll help you teach them all the necessary skills in a fun way.

Learning basic tennis techniques

When beginning to learn tennis, gaining a solid foundation in the basic techniques is absolutely essential. Before moving on to…

Getting started with tennis

Tennis is by far one of the best sports you can learn to play: easy to pick up, extremely sociable…

Comparing the 2016 tennis Grand Slams | Infographic

The Grand Slam tournaments are the most highly anticipated and celebrated events in the tennis calendar. Hugely popular around the…

Raynes Park Tennis Club Member of the Month | James Perrott

Meet James Perrott who plays tennis in Raynes Park. Find out about his game and why he’s our Tennis Member of the Month!

Exeter Tennis Club Member of the Month | Phil Phillips

Each month here at David Lloyd Clubs we like to recognise one of our tennis members. Whether they’re a complete…

Judy Murray’s top tennis tips for kids

Judy Murray has shared her top tennis tips for kids to help you teach your children all the skills they’ll need for the game.

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