When it comes to exercise, many of us are guilty of pushing our bodies too hard, and too quickly. One of the key ways of preventing injury and maximising results in the long-term is to build up your workouts slowly and surely, as well as dedicating time to recovery.

Luckily, you’ll find a wide range of equipment at David Lloyd Clubs to help you do just that. From versatile kit that can be used to modify your exercises, to recovery tools that will aid muscle healing, we have it all.

To help you familiarise yourself with the kit on offer, we asked some of our expert Personal Trainers to demonstrate how to use 3 different pieces of flexible equipment. This kit can be used in a way that suits your fitness level, which will help to promote recovery, develop mobility and more. Discover the unique benefits of using each piece of equipment, learn how to use it correctly, avoid injuries and achieve maximum results. 

Let’s get started:

The plyo box

While the plyo box is a very versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a wide range of cardio and strength exercises, it’s also a handy tool for modifying exercises to suit your abilities. This is especially useful for those getting started in the gym or dealing with injuries. Here, Geoff from David Lloyd Bolton shows us how to do a modified version of the push up and squat. 

The Power Plate

This advanced piece of equipment uses vibrations and can be used to stretch and aid recovery. Watch the video as Alpha from Harbour Club Kensington shows us how to do a key stretch on the Power Plate.

The foam roller

The foam roller is one of those little pieces of kit that you might have spotted in the gym and been unsure of what it actually does and exactly how to use it. Key in promoting recovery in the muscles, it can be used to warm up, cool down and stretch. Watch Jack from David Lloyd Derby illustrate one way you can use the foam roller.

Remember, if you have any questions about any of the equipment in your local David Lloyd Club, one of the trainers on the gym floor will be more than happy to help you. Find your nearest gym and start your journey to a new you today!

How to Use Different Gym Equipment For Recovery
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How to Use Different Gym Equipment For Recovery
New to the gym and feeling daunted by the different equipment? Watch our Personal Trainers illustrate how to use popular equipment for recovery.
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