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The importance of exercise as a parent & how to do more of it

As any parent will know, a consistent exercise routine is one of the first things to go after you have…

How to inspire your children to love exercise

A number of recent studies show that a large number of children in the UK are not receiving enough daily…

Enjoy Your Summer Holiday at David Lloyd Clubs

Over the summer holidays, it can be tricky trying to keep the kids entertained without the routine and busyness of…

James’ story to overcoming exercise with a disability

  James Connaughton, 17, is one of David Lloyd Leisure Club’s biggest fans. Having joined the Teesside club back in…

What is David Lloyd All Stars?

David Lloyd Clubs offers a wide range of fun activities to keep your kids active, healthy and happy. One of…

Watch Maureen’s story about joining our Manchester club

When Maureen joined our club in Manchester she felt daunted about how she would fit in. Watch our video to show how she now feels a part of something special!

Making the most of your time at David Lloyd Clubs

There are so many different activities you can get involved in at David Lloyd Clubs. Take a look at how you can make the most of you time here…

The benefits of gymnastics for kids

Gymnastics is a fun and challenging sport that has multiple benefits for children’s physical, social, mental and emotional development. Here…

10 Reasons to Get Your Child Swimming

Swimming is a brilliant activity for children to get involved in. Not only is it an invaluable life skill, but…

Watch how David Lloyd Clubs gives the Lewis family more time together

Watch the video to see what this busy family get up to in their local David Lloyd Club, and how they love spending time together there.

Angellica Bell on learning to swim, and finding time for herself as a busy mum

We met with TV Presenter, Angellica Bell, who has decided to learn to swim as an adult. Read about her journey and how she’s found it so far…

Healthy summer holiday activities to do with your kids

Six weeks of summer holidays can last a long time for parents as they try to come up with new…

Bolton Tennis Club Member of the Month | Phillip Ashworth

Each month we like to recognise one of our brilliant tennis players. And, this month is the turn of Phillip Ashworth who plays tennis at David Lloyd Bolton…

Judy Murray’s most inspirational quotes

There’s nothing like an inspirational quote to motivate you. So, take a look at the best quotes from Judy Murray…

Aberdeen Tennis Club Member of the Month | Garry Corbett

Meet Garry Corbett who plays tennis in Aberdeen. Find out about his game and why he’s our Tennis Member of the Month!

Watch Judy Murray’s tennis coaching techniques for kids

Watch Judy Murray’s coaching technique videos for kids – it’ll help you teach them all the necessary skills in a fun way.

‘Napercise’: The workout dreams are made of!

Napercise is the workout that dreams are made of. Find out how this exercise class could leave you feeling rejuvinated!

Raynes Park Tennis Club Member of the Month | James Perrott

Meet James Perrott who plays tennis in Raynes Park. Find out about his game and why he’s our Tennis Member of the Month!

Fundraising for a marathon

Choosing to run a marathon for a charity is a really rewarding thing to do. The thought that your fundraising…

Watch Declan Dunne’s amazing road to recovery

Watch how Declan’s life was thrown into jeopardy after a head on collision between his road bike and a van. And, see how he’s recovered and got his life back on track.

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