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Festive fitness fun: 8 family activities to keep you moving this holiday season

When the cold weather sets in, it’s tempting to stay cosy with board games and movie marathons all winter long. But after a while, all that indoor fun can eventually give you the urge to change scenery, get active and burn off a little energy.

So, as the holidays approach, here’s some inspiration to energise your family’s plans for the season. They’re a mix of indoor and outdoor activities — paid and free — and most are suitable for all ages, so everyone from grandparents to little ones can join in.

1. Take the gang ice skating

Strap on your skates and glide into the holiday spirit at a local ice rink or pop-up. Ice skating is a fun workout for people of all ages and skill levels, helping to improve balance, coordination and lower body strength. It’s also a delightful way to celebrate the season and a backdrop for memorable family photos. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or it’s your first time on the rink, ice skating is a magical, high-energy experience for the entire family.

2. Plan a festive family clean-up race

Turn housework into a game by setting a timer and awarding prizes for the most efficient cleaners. This is a fun and productive way to get everyone moving and keep the house (relatively) clean over the festive season. If your family has a competitive streak, you can make it more exciting by assigning different areas of the house to teams or individuals. Cleaning has never been this enjoyable!

3. Host a Christmas kitchen disco

Turn up the volume with our special Christmas gym playlist and have a dance-off in your home. Dancing is not only a great form of exercise but also a wonderful way to let loose, express yourself, and share some laughs with your nearest and dearest. You can even turn it into a mini competition, with each family member choreographing their own dance routine to their favourite festive song.

4. Go for a walk

Walking triggers the release of endorphins, or “happy hormones,” which makes it a great option to beat the winter blues. Plan your walking route to take in the best Christmas decorations or to swing by your friends’ and neighbours’ houses. You can enjoy walking alone as some quality “me time” or turn it into a family walk to spend time together and strengthen your bonds.

5. Take an at-home fitness class

You may not have time for your regular workout during the chaos of Christmas, but you can still get your heart pumping with an at-home session like our quick Christmas cardio workout. This is an excellent way to keep everyone’s energy levels up. Enjoying a group workout at home can also be a fun way to introduce children to the importance of fitness. Don’t forget that you can adjust any part of an at-home workout to suit all family members.

6. Spend a day at the pool

Christmas Day and Boxing Day swims are a great tradition across the UK and Ireland. But if you don’t fancy the thought of dipping your toes into icy-cold water, look for an indoor pool in your area where you can enjoy a swim in a warmer environment! (At David Lloyd Clubs, our heated swimming pools are available to members almost every day of the year.) Leave winter’s chill at the door as you spend family time together at the pool, enjoying hours of splashy fun and getting a great full-body workout in the process.

7. Turn movie night into fitness bingo

Movies become an interactive activity with fitness bingo. Get participants to choose a common word like “snow” or “Santa” while you watch a Christmas film. Every time it’s mentioned, everyone does a pre-agreed exercise, such as burpees or a 10-second plank. This game will keep everyone engaged and add a healthy dose of competition to movie nights.

8. Join a Christmas Day parkrun

Have you ever taken part in a local parkrun event on Christmas Day? It’s a fun, community-driven way to stay fit and enjoy  the outdoors together. Participating in a parkrun is also a great way to meet other families and be part of a larger group, so take the opportunity to celebrate the season and make new connections — despite the cold weather!

Have a happy, healthy holiday

These activities are perfect for families looking to add some fun and fitness to their holiday season. And if you still find time to hit the gym during the holidays, you can keep the festive spirit going with Santa’s Christmas HIIT Workout.

From all of us here at David Lloyd Clubs, have a happy, healthy holiday with your loved ones.

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