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Discover the best indoor workouts for the family this winter

We all know how important it is to keep active, even in the colder, rainier months. But let’s be honest, tempting the kids out to the park – or even into the garden – is far from easy when it’s pouring down or teeth-chatteringly cold.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to family workouts you can do indoors. From at-home activities to fun days out, you can combine fitness with quality time together, whatever the weather, and boost your winter wellness.

Exercise is always easier when you’re enjoying it. We’ve made sure to choose indoor family workouts that are (almost) guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

1. Pick up a racquet

Racquets sports are brilliant for getting in a family cardio workout with a competitive edge. Tennis improves coordination, reflexes and overall fitness, and on an indoor court, you can play come rain or shine.

If you’re looking for a game that’s particularly family-friendly, why not search for your nearest indoor Padel court? This addictive racquets sport is super-easy to pick up. What’s more, with a lighter racquet and ball, and smaller courts than tennis, it may prove easier for smaller children and older adults playing together.

Saying that, you’ll still get a real workout! Padel is fast-paced and requires quick thinking on your feet. At David Lloyd Clubs, the game is so popular that we’re continuing to roll out Padel courts across many of our clubs.

Similarly, pickleball is a great racquets game for novices and experienced racquets players alike.

2. Try a winter sport

Who says you have to do winter sports outdoors? You’ll find indoor venues across the UK for skiing and ice skating, so you can enjoy all the fun together as a family without the cold weather.

3. Bond during a family exercise class

IGN1TE Rebels – one of the family exercise classes at David Lloyd Clubs

Look out for family-friendly versions of your favourite adults’ exercise classes, and see if your kids enjoy them as much as you do! At David Lloyd Clubs, our members love our BLAZE Rebels sessions, an adrenalin-boosting HIIT class that you can do with children aged 8-13.

In fact, they love these sessions so much that we’ll be adding more classes to the Rebels family. Expect SPIRIT Rebels, which combines yoga and Pilates, and IGN1TE, for martial-arts-infused HIIT*.

4. Work on your putting skills

Walking as a family is an excellent way to spend quality time together while improving your fitness. It’s not necessarily a tempting prospect, however, when it’s cold and rainy outside.

Get your steps in – and add an extra injection of fun – with an indoor mini golf session. It’ll get you moving without being too strenuous, and you can bond over any fiendishly tricky holes.

5. Find a family climbing wall

Climbing can provide an excellent workout for both brain and body. Adults and kids can improve balance, strength and co-ordination, as well as boosting problem-solving abilities as you figure out the best way to the top.

You’ll find family-friendly climbing walls across the UK, with some catering to children aged 4 plus. Book in for a family lesson with an instructor to build confidence and learn the technique.

6. Play balloon volleyball

If you’re working out at home, throwing a ball around indoors has obvious disadvantages. Swap the ball for a balloon, though, and there’s less chance of having to call out an emergency glazier. Put up a sheet or a piece of string to make a net and have fun with a family volleyball tournament.

7. Throw a kitchen disco

Or a living room disco, or a hallway disco – whichever space works for you! For an at-home indoor workout that’s fun for all the family, simply put on your favourite tracks and get moving.

To avoid any music-based fallouts, it’s probably worth setting up a playlist in advance, with each family member getting three choices. It’s up to you whether you give the kids the power to veto your picks…

8. Get the kids started in the gym

If you’re a gym member, find out what their minimum age is to use the facilities. At David Lloyd Clubs, for example, kids aged 10 plus can take part in our Start-Up programme, and can then use the equipment under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

A family gym workout should have fun at its heart. If your children are interested, check out our guide for getting kids started at the gym, so they (and you) enjoy the time together.

9. Head to the pool

The great thing about an indoor family swim is that you can make it as challenging – or as easy – as you want. Simply splashing about together in the shallow end of your nearest pool will give you a cardio blast, and the resistance of the water means you’ll get more of a workout than on dry land.

What’s more, water workouts are kind to joints, so getting together in the pool is ideal for some multi-generational quality time.

Want to take things up a gear? Try doing jumping jacks, or hold onto the edge of the pool and do different types of swimming kicks for 30 seconds to one minute.

Creatively-minded older kids might also enjoy putting together a synchronised swimming routine or, pool rules allowing, you could enjoy family swimming races – after all, there’s nothing quite as fun as beating mum or dad. However you choose to spend your pool time, there are so many health benefits to children swimming.

David Lloyd Clubs members can enjoy a range of family facilities under one roof. Whether you’re putting on a family tennis tournament, sitting down to eat together in the Clubroom or having a splash about in the indoor pool, the weather won’t stop you from having quality time. Find your nearest club to learn more.

*Available at selected clubs depending on your membership type.

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