If you’re new to the gym, you may feel daunted about heading in and getting started on your first workout. But even if you’re a total gym beginner and have never stepped foot in one before, there really is nothing to be worried about.

Our tips and advice for beginners will take the fear out of your first visit and leave you ready to make the most of your new gym membership. From what to wear, to who to talk to, the best way to get yourself into a routine, and preparing for your first exercise workout or class – we’ve got it all covered. After reading our guide for gym beginners you’ll feel ready to start your new routine with a fresh wave of confidence.

Preparing for your first visit to the gym

So, you’re all signed up and now you want to make the most of all that your new gym membership has to offer. First things first…

Set yourself some goals 

Whether it’s losing weight, toning up, gaining muscle or training for a particular event – decide on a measurable goal to set yourself. By having a clear outline of what you want to achieve you can take the right steps to reaching your goals.

Make the most of the induction process

Whatever gym you choose to join, there’s likely to be an induction process – so, make the most of. Book onto introduction sessions and any free tasters that come with your membership package – not only will it help you get your bearings in the club, but you’ll start to get to know the Personal Trainers and Coaches too.

What you’ll need for your first workout session

Make sure you take everything with you that you’ll need for your first session – you don’t want to be caught out without a towel after a shower! Everyone is different, but you’ll most likely need: your gym kit, trainers, a water bottle, small gym towel, flip flops (for the shower), a towel and wash bag. It’s also worth finding out before you go how the lockers work in your club – you might need a padlock, or some spare change.

What to do when you get there

Although it might not feel like it, but the truth is, everyone working out in the gym is so busy with their own routine that they won’t worry about what you’re up to. So, first things first, don’t worry about anyone else around you!

Start by getting your bearings

Go in and start yourself up on a cardio machine to allow you to take in your surroundings. There will always be a trainer or staff member walking around the gym floor who’ll be able to help if you’re not sure how to start any machines. Whilst you’re on this machine, take a look around and plan out what other equipment you’d like to use in this session. Our advice is to stick to the cardio and weight machines in your first few visits, as well as trying any group exercise classes that are available.

Get stuck? Ask for help!

Personal Trainers are used to being asked all sorts of questions when it comes to gym equipment – there’s no question too simple. So if you’re struggling with something, ask for help. Remember, everyone was new to the gym at some point!

When you do get chatting to a Personal Trainer, ask about how to go about getting a programme set up that you can then follow each time you visit. Most gyms will offer this as part of the joining process, and it’ll be a great place to start your fitness journey.

Getting into a routine

Don’t over do it…

Although you might be keen to get stuck in straight away, take it easy during your first few sessions. By easing yourself in, you’re much more likely to get into a lasting routine that you can stick to. And, don’t go too much! You don’t have to go seven times a week to see results – three or four visits will be plenty.

Keep it varied


As your confidence builds, explore more that your club has to offer. This could be anything from trying out some tennis or badminton, to swimming, or attending a range of different group exercise classes. You’ll be surprised at how different kinds of exercise will work a whole different range of muscles in your body.

Most of all, enjoy yourself. Exercising is meant to be fun – so go with a friend, try something new and have fun. Good luck!

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