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Sound meditation: Everything you need to know about this healing practice

If you’ve ever been lulled to sleep by ocean waves or used ASMR to calm your mind, you’ve experienced the power of sound for relaxation. But you can take it to an even deeper level with sound meditation.

You may already be familiar with meditation practice. This usually involves listening to spoken words that guide you to focus on the present moment. With sound meditation, sounds and vibrations replace the words – think gongs, singing bowls and drums. It may seem a little unusual if you’re new to the concept, but even a short sound meditation session can have the same blissful, stress-melting properties as a trip to the spa.

The use of sound for relaxation is well established throughout history and across all cultures. Ancient texts reveal that early civilisations used chanting to improve mental clarity and still the mind. This practice has evolved over time to incorporate a range of different instruments. In the 1940s, sound therapy was even used in the rehabilitation of soldiers returning from World War II.

Listening to recorded sounds certainly has benefits – but a live session can really elevate your experience. At David Lloyd Clubs we’re launching Live Sound Meditation classes across our health clubs. Our expert instructors will use crystal bowls and ocean drums to help focus the mind and let go of distractions.

If you’re keen to try live sound meditation, wherever that may be, what benefits can you expect?

Benefits of sound meditation

A reduction in stress

Sound meditation can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional overwhelm by
providing space away from challenging experiences. As soothing sounds calm the mind and promote relaxation, any activity in the body and mind has a chance to settle, slow down, and pause.

Gentle, soothing sounds can act as a natural stress reliever, dissolving existing tension within your body.

Improved sleep

Incorporating practices that promote relaxation in our everyday lives can further enhance the quality of our sleep. Allowing our bodies to transition into the state of rest-and-digest, rather than remaining in a high level fight-or-flight mode, makes sleep feel more accessible.

This not only makes falling asleep easier but also encourages high-quality sleep throughout the night.

Enhanced concentration & focus

Meditating with sound requires you to bring your awareness to what you can hear, and continually bring your attention back whenever it wanders. By focusing the mind’s attention, we start to reduce mental chatter, negative self-talk, or habitual patterns. Over time, as your practice develops, immersing yourself in the sound can lead to an experience of calm and clarity, resulting in greater focus for the rest of your day.

Enjoy a preview of our Live Sound Meditation classes

Sound mediation is an excellent way to improve your well-being – and we have plenty of other ideas, too. Check out these easy wellness ideas to boost your daily routine.

Words by Carlie Barlow

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