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How to do a spring wellbeing reset, according to the experts

Spring is here, and the change in seasons is the perfect time to refresh your wellness routine. There are plenty of ways to help you breathe new life into your routine and give you the boost you need to get excited about wellness again. From finding ways to enjoy the warmer weather whenever you can to checking in with your goals, here are some tips from our resident David Lloyd Clubs experts on how to make the most of spring.

Try something new

Spring has a way of feeling like a fresh start. So why not take that energy to heart and try something you’ve never done before? “I think spring is all about new beginnings and trying new things. This is the perfect chance to try something different and push yourself out of your comfort zone!” says General Manager (GM) of David Lloyd Brighton, James Brooker.

Jordan McGarvie, GM of David Lloyd Solihull agrees. “Your body gets used to what you do, so mix it up from time to time! Introduce a new exercise, piece of kit or, if you’re a David Lloyd Clubs member, one of our fantastic signature classes—like BLAZE — to your weekly routine to evolve your training.”

Kristen Westwood, GM of David Lloyd Fulham points out that we tend to stay in our comfort zone and assume no one else was ever a beginner. “That is simply not the case,” he says. “Everyone had to take the plunge at some point, so be bold this spring! Book the class, plan that challenging walk, get out for that first run…whatever it is, do something that scares you.” 

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Don’t underestimate the impact of a change of scenery either. If you still have the flexibility to work wherever you want, consider taking advantage of co-working spaces to get out of the house and shake up your routine. That way, taking a break for a midday workout is convenient and easy. You’ll be surprised how energising a lunchtime workout can be! 

Refocus on your goals

Many of us made new year’s resolutions a few months ago but quickly found out that sticking to them is a whole other story. If you let any of your healthy routines slide in the winter, you aren’t alone. Spring is the perfect time to remind yourself why you set those goals. Diane Ballagh, the GM of David Lloyd Dublin Riverview is in total agreement. “Spring to me is a body reset mentally and physically, and a chance to start focusing on the positive ahead.” 
Lauren Mortimer, the GM at David Lloyd Dartford believes wholeheartedly in trusting the process. “If you believe in the process and you have the end goal in sight, then the rest will come. It’s about training your brain as well as your body!” she says. Journaling, using a wearable fitness tracker, or committing to weekly classes with a friend can all help with accountability and motivation.

Think about your nutrition

We know how important nutrition is when you’re working on health and wellness goals.  A diverse diet is key to getting all the nutrients you need, and spring means a wider variety of in-season fruits and vegetables will be available. Want to add more protein? Need more greens throughout the day? Start exploring new recipes and how to fuel your body for your workouts.  

Don’t forget to be mindful

Wellness isn’t all about intense workouts and building muscle. It’s also about your mental and emotional well-being. In addition to your workouts this spring, try adding a few mindfulness habits to your weekly routine. Meditation and breathwork techniques can be a great way to manage stress by helping you slow down and check in with yourself without distractions. 
It’s also important to be more mindful of how you recover from intense workouts. Instead of simply taking a day or two off, consider adding yoga and hot and cold therapy into your routine for active recovery. “Outdoors is not for everyone—particularly if you have allergies like hay fever,” says Michael Lindores, the GM at David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair, a new club opening in summer 2023. “Spring is the ideal time to add some holistic classes to your routine. SPIRIT, yoga, and Pilates are widely available at David Lloyd Clubs.”

Opt for quality exercise

An extension of mindfulness is cultivating your mind-body connection. If you’re treating exercise like something you have to get through, you’re missing out on some of the wonderful mental benefits. Instead of rushing through it and not paying attention to how you feel during and after, make it a point to get more in touch with your body.

Heart rate monitoring can be a great way to track and categorise your workouts. Rob Wallace, the GM from David Lloyd Leicester Meridian says balance is key. “Mix up high-impact classes where you hit red and yellow zones with holistic classes where you concentrate on grey, blue and green zones,” he says. “A varied routine is essential for motivation and seeing results.” 

Spend more time outdoors

We all feel a little cooped up after a long winter of avoiding the cold. According to Jake French, GM of David Lloyd Manchester Trafford City now is the time to leave the winter blues behind and “get the spring back into your health and wellness routine by taking your workout outside.” 

While any workout is a good workout, there’s something about being outside that can’t be replicated. “The fresh air makes us feel good by boosting our oxygen levels and increasing our serotonin levels,” says Beth Shipway, GM of David Lloyd Bristol Emersons Green. “The longer days also make it easier to fit in all our workouts, so no excuses needed either!”

Dan Wallace, GM at David Lloyd Coventry agrees. “Mix things up a little bit and take advantage of our amazing outdoor facilities when the weather gets a bit nicer.” One of the most popular outdoor sessions that David Lloyd Clubs offers is the Battlebox classes

This circuit-training workout is a big draw for anyone who wants to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while they fit in some exercise. Samantha Murphy, the GM at David Lloyd Acton Park says Battlebox is the perfect way to get outside and challenge your metabolic rate. There are a variety of different class themes to choose from, she explains, like “Battlebox Athletic, which focuses on movement and agility, Battlebox Warrior, which will help you prep for your next adventure race and Battlebox Strong, which taps into your inner power. Or enjoy the class with your whole family in Battlebox Play.” 

David Barker, GM of David Lloyd Milton Keynes calls Battlebox “a great workout, good fun and a way to shake off the winter blues and invigorate your day.” Sue Murphy, the GM at David Lloyd Swansea encourages you to join a class and “enjoy the motivation of a group exercise class and the additional mental health benefits you get from being outside.”
In addition to your planned workouts, getting outside can be a natural part of your routine. “Rather than driving to the gym, cycle or run instead,” suggests Mehdi Saidoun, GM of David Lloyd Kensington. “The key is to take advantage of the nicer weather and increase vitamin D levels whenever you can.” 

Make wellness a priority this spring

Jo Miller, the GM at David Lloyd Cricklewood Lane believes there’s no greater investment than your health. “We should never compromise on investing in our health, fitness and mental well-being. Exercise is so important to combat stress and anxiety and can elevate our mood. Choosing to exercise at a David Lloyd club invests in your health and wellness.” 
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