With longer days, clearer skies and warmer temperatures to make the most of, it’s easy to see why so many people love to take their exercise routine outdoors as summer swings into view. But if an al fresco swim or a brisk jog around your local park don’t quite fill you with excitement, then Battlebox – a fun, new, outdoor-based fitness zone might just up the ante and do the trick.

Image of people using ladders at David Lloyd Acton Park

David Lloyd Clubs has recently introduced Battlebox classes at a number of its clubs to allow you to take your exercise regime outdoors.  If you love the endorphin boost that training outdoors can bring, then look no further. Combining full body fitness training, high energy challenges, teamwork and all-important fresh air, a 45 or 55 minute Battlebox class will challenge you physically and mentally, whilst providing a unique alternative to your usual routine.

Battlebox classes are suitable for participants of all abilities and levels of fitness, as our expert instructors will guide and push you to get the most out of your class experience.

David Lloyd Clubs will commonly provide 4 different Battlebox classes to take part in:


If you’re keen to develop your athletic abilities, this could be the perfect option for you. With a range of high intensity exercises designed to enhance your speed, strength, power, agility and general cardio fitness, our instructors will have you working hard and feeling fitter and stronger in no time.


If increasing strength and building muscle are your key fitness goals, but you’re keen to see a change of scene away from your trusty squat rack and weight bench, give Battlebox Strong a go. In a CrossFit–style class, you’ll lift weights, carry heavy objects across varying distances, push sleds and generally take on an exciting and varied workout as a fun variation from the routines you’re used to in the gym.

“I really enjoy coming to Battlebox. It’s a great high intensity workout!”

Alex, member at David Lloyd Acton Park


For the ultimate full body workout in the open air, look no further than a Battlebox Warrior class. With plenty of movement and transition between different zones, ready yourself to lift, carry, crawl and climb your way to fitness. If you’re a fan of outdoor obstacle course tests, or are looking for a novel way to prepare for a challenge event such as ToughMudder, Battlebox Warrior can provide the perfect practice ground to train your body and test your resilience.


The Battlebox is by no means an adults-only area. Battlebox Play is the ideal class to take part in if you’re a family looking for a fun class to enjoy together. Suitable for children aged 8 and above, it’s a great way to bond the family whilst keeping fit and staying healthy in a unique way. You’ll need to work as a team and use speed, agility and balance to succeed.

Image of a lady and a young girl pushing a sled on the Battlebox area

If you enjoy outdoor, bootcamp-style training then you’ll love our new Battlebox areas. With so many different sessions, there’s something for everyone to try and to enjoy.

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