Now that we’re well into 2022, the nation is once again ready to prioritise its health and wellbeing. But what will this year have in store for our collective fitness? From more considered workouts to a wildly popular new racquet sport, here are the top five exercise trends most likely to become a permanent fixture in your fitness routine.

1. Fitness and fresh air

After rediscovering the joys of simply being outside over the last couple of years, we are now heading outdoors more than ever to walk, hike, run, cycle, and even swim. Our collective passion for exercising outside will continue to grow in 2022, with outdoor classes, open swimming, and sports such as tennis set to rise in popularity. 

Ready to head out? Then it might be time to try Battlebox, our signature outdoor workout set in a custom-built rig. Each class offers a mixture of cardio and weights, utilising monkey bars and ropes as well as kettlebells, slam bags, and bodyweight exercises. It’s suitable for all fitness levels, all ages (including a family option for kids aged 8+), and classes run whatever the weather. Best of all, we’re introducing Battlebox to 26 additional David Lloyd Clubs in 2022.

2. Healthy body, healthy mind

There’s more to fitness than classes, lifting weights, and setting new PBs. In fact, 70% of our new members surveyed in 2021 said improving overall wellbeing and health was the main reason they joined. This reflects our desire to take a more rounded approach to wellness in 2022 and beyond.

“A workout doesn’t just need to be a 45-minute HIIT class, or a 5k run; a mindful session that soothes the mind and soul is equally important when it comes to our all-round health and mental wellbeing. 

Our members use our Spa Retreats as they would gym or a class. Some of the most popular spaces are our hot and cold areas, with ice caves and saunas, plunge pools and experience showers. Studies have shown these sudden changes in temperatures do wonders for the mind and body, reducing stress and levels of cortisol.”

Steph Holland, David Lloyd Clubs Head of Spa and Lifestyle

3. Pickleball: The new flavour in racquet sports

Attention, fans of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong: pickleball is going to compete for your attention this year! This hybrid racquet game, one of America’s fastest-growing sports, is poised to take the UK by storm in 2022 because it’s easy to pick up, challenging to master, and – more than anything – offers a fun, high-energy workout for players of all ages and abilities.

There’s also padel, a racquet sport that’s set to make its mark on the UK after becoming hugely popular across continental Europe. Played on enclosed court with players encouraged to bounce shots off the walls, padel is much like a more accessible version of tennis. In fact, it’s now officially recognised as a discipline of tennis by Sport England, Sport Wales, and Sport Scotland.

4. Let’s get mobilised

Makeshift desks, laptops on sofas, and other less-than-ideal setups have taken their toll on the nation’s remote workers over the last two years. The remedy? Incorporating more mobility exercises and functional workouts into your routine.

Expect 2022 to see new group training sessions and workouts specifically focused on core strength, flexibility, and mobility. After all, improving your overall fitness – by pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, twisting, and lunging – can benefit your posture and help you complete everyday tasks with much greater ease.

“Mobility and functional strength training is a really smart way to train, focusing on quality over quantity and key movement patterns that we all use throughout our daily life. It might sound a little daunting and this is really where an expert coach can really add value. They’ll create a bespoke plan which incorporates these movements, factoring in an individual’s goals, current fitness levels and any existing injuries… Correct form is essential, and a Personal Trainer will ensure exercises are performed correctly and safely, as well as ensuring a participant is progressing.”

Lucy Day, David Lloyd Clubs Head of Gym and Sports

5. The fitness app era

Fitness apps are fast becoming ubiquitous not only for home workouts but also in the gym. It’s not unusual to see fellow gym-goers using their mobile devices to follow a workout, master a technique, or engage with an online fitness community. But with no regulation of online and in-app “fitness trainers”, you should always check that your instructor is qualified.

Our David Lloyd @home app feature instructors who are CIMSPA-registered, so you can be sure that you’ll find workouts that complement your training. Think guided stretching before and after a lift session, or a programme to develop your core strength to improve a personal best for runners. Of course, you can also simply leave your phone in your bag and work one-on-one with our amazing Personal Trainers instead…

Want to make 2022 your best year yet? Start by discovering all the classes and experiences offered at your nearest David Lloyd Club.