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These are the top fitness & wellness trends for 2024

When it comes to the fitness and wellness trends we’ll see in 2024, there are very clear themes. Top of the list for next year? Finding calm and balance. Nearly 40% of people in our recent survey said that they’re looking to regain calm and relaxation in their lives in 2024.

That idea of balance comes up again when we’re looking specifically at exercise trends. 2024 workouts will be all about ease, enjoyment and combining fitness with family time. Think multi-generational workouts, new tech that makes exercising simpler, and fun, sustainable fitness routines.

Calm and balance doesn’t mean boring; far from it. 2024 is looking like a year of adventure when it comes to fitness and wellness trends. Over 39% of our survey respondents want to try something new, and 36% pledge to say yes to more life opportunities next year.

In that spirit, let’s dive in.

1. Personalised fitness & AI


AI is set to get even bigger in 2024 – and you can really make it work for you when it comes to your fitness. You can expect:

  • Improved wearable techfitness trackers are getting even smarter. It’s not just about measuring your steps or your heart rate; in 2024 we’ll see a fresh emphasis on tracking your broader wellness, from stress levels to nutritional needs.
  • AI-enabled gym tech – such as resistance machines that can provide personalised strength workouts, like our very own EGYM system at David Lloyd Clubs.
  • Super-smart body analysis machines – these will let you take a 360-degree approach to your health, giving you insights into your hydration levels, muscle mass in different areas and even the rate at which you’re ageing on the inside. That’s just the beginning of what the new Body Hub tech in our gyms can do.

2. Multi-generational family fitness

A Battlebox PLAY exercise class for the whole family at David Lloyd Clubs

46% of respondents told our recent survey that they want to spend more time with their children and wider family members in 2024.

  • One way to do that is by getting active in a group. Swimming, child-friendly racquet sports such as pickleball, family exercise classes and football are all great ways for kids, parents and grandparents to get together.
  • But exercise isn’t the only way to get some quality time. Simply sitting down together and catching up is also a very important bonding time for multi-generational families.

3. Community wellness

A man and a woman on a Padel court smiling at each other.
Padel at David Lloyd Clubs

Of course, spending time with others isn’t just about family – it’s also about finding connection with a wider community. We expect community-based fitness to continue to grow in 2024:

  • Group exercise classes
  • Running clubs
  • Social sports such as racquets games

4. Slow-building fitness habits

The idea of health being hard work is on the decline, and this is due in part to social media. While some accounts have been promoting unrealistic fitness standards for the last few years, for 2024 a new, softer counter-trend is emerging. Expect this to be a major theme, particularly for anyone new to exercise.

  • On – where else? – TikTok, we’re seeing viral trends such as ‘hot girl walks’ (walking outside while listening to motivational podcasts) and to ‘cosy cardio’ (combining cardio with home comforts such as lighting a candle or putting on a favourite Netflix boxset).
  • Exercise snacking is another 2024 theme – taking short bursts of exercise throughout the day rather than one major session. David Lloyd Clubs members can get their short-but-sweet exercise fix with exclusive workouts on our app.
  • If you’re looking to make positive changes in a gradual, sustainable way, habit stacking is the technique to try.
  • More than anything, the mindset in 2024 will be about making your workouts fun, however you choose to exercise.

5. The importance of sleep

A woman sleeping peacefully in bed

Surely by now we all know the importance of getting enough sleep? Well, in 2024, the emphasis will shift to finding personalised sleep solutions, rather than trying to make yourself rest using one-size-fits-all advice.

  • Sleep coaches will become increasingly popular – as with personal trainers, they can help you put together a bespoke routine. In fact, at David Lloyd Clubs we’re training a group of our PTs to give advice on sleep, with a view to rolling this out across the clubs if it’s successful.
  • As well as using exercise to aid sleep, people will be turning to wider wellness ideas to promote rest, such as smart beds, body pillows, sound bathing, and hot and cold therapy.
  • We’re also predicting a greater interest in the science of sleep in 2024, including the body’s circadian rhythms and the impact of light at specific times of the day.

6. Nutrition & gut health

Blueberries, strawberries and blackberries in a white heart-shaped bowl.

With our enhanced understanding of the link between gut health and physical and mental well-being, you can look forward to more gut-focused nutrition trends in 2024.

  • Intermittent fasting – there’s research to suggest this way of eating can boost the gut microbiome.
  • Mindful eating – and supporting this using apps to help with slower eating and portion control.

At David Lloyd Clubs, we’ll make it easy to refresh your fitness and wellness in 2024. From on-trend racquets sports such as Padel and innovative gym tech to spas with hot and cold therapy, we have everything you need to try something new and put together your perfect routine. Find your nearest club to get started on a fresh well-being journey.

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