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Introducing 7am DL Run Club


Most of us know that running is an excellent way to stay fit and build up your cardio strength, but did you also know that doing it early in the morning can have additional benefits? That’s why we’re launching our virtual 7am DL Run Club.

And for anyone thinking “I didn’t even know 7 had an AM!” or struggling at the thought of getting up so early, hopefully we can convince you that this a great time of day to exercise…
Early morning running has lots of benefits. It can help boost your energy and productivity for the whole day, it means you’re likely to eat less throughout the day (particularly difficult if you’re working from home) and studies show you can burn more fat when exercising on an empty stomach.

This is a particularly important period to make sure you take care of your physical and mental wellbeing and we know that people are working out in the fresh air as part of this. We want to help you do this as safely as possible.
Early mornings are typically quiet, so you should have room to keep your own space. And the serenity and fresh air from that time of day can help with additional anxiety some might be feeling at this time.

Running is also a great activity to do by yourself. Gather your thoughts, listen to music and get some ‘me time’. But do get involved in our online community for motivation and encouragement!

So set your alarm and join us on Instagram, sharing your 7am DL Run Club story by tagging @davidlloyduk and using the hashtag #DLrunclub.

*During social distancing, it’s important to make sure you follow Public Health England’s latest advice on leaving your home.

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