People in a David Lloyd Clubs dance meditation class wearing headphones.
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Dance meditation at David Lloyd Clubs: Here’s what you need to know

Meditation comes in many different forms – and not all of them involve sitting in silence. Dance meditation, also known as conscious dance, uses music and movement to help clear your mind and ground you in the present moment. It’s the perfect way to combine a physical workout with a boost to your emotional wellbeing.

After all, music can have a serious effect on mood and emotional responses. That’s why film and TV makers spend so much time getting their soundtracks right! In everyday life, you might use a high-energy playlist to motivate you through a tough workout or listen to soothing tracks to help you sleep.

Put together the effects of different types of music with freedom of movement and you have the potential for a powerful meditation session. That’s why we’re introducing a SPIRIT Dance Meditation class at selected David Lloyd Clubs.

Let’s explore the benefits of dance meditation in general and what you can expect from these new sessions.

Who can benefit from dance meditation?

You may already have a regular meditation practice but are curious about trying a new approach. You may have tried meditating in a traditional way and found it difficult to quieten your thoughts. Or you may be totally new to any form of meditation!

Whatever your experience, you can reap the benefits of switching off from the world, even for a short time. “This is about using music and movement to have less clutter in your mind and allowing release in your body,” says Tina Traina, Product Head at David Lloyd Clubs, who helped develop the new class. “Conscious dance means allowing your body to lead the movement rather than your head leading the movement.

“Every time I take part in a dance meditation class myself, I feel different. Sometimes I come away feeling really liberated, sometimes really emotional. Our lives can be so overwhelming. In a dance meditation class you feel like you’re taking control of yourself again.”

What happens in a SPIRIT dance meditation class at David Lloyd Clubs?

People dancing in a David Lloyd Clubs dance meditation class.

At the start, you’ll be given a pair of headphones – listening to the music in this way lets you truly travel inwards and let the everyday world melt away.

You’ll hear different parts of music to guide you through the three phases of the class. The first phase is about tuning in and noticing how you feel, as you ease your way into the session.

“The second part is where the music ramps up and that’s where you’re dancing,” explains Tina. “You might have your eyes closed throughout the full class, but in the dance section there’s the opportunity to have your eyes open.”

To finish, the music changes again. “The last section is about releasing and letting go of anything that just no longer serves you,” says Tina. “If there are thoughts, emotions or anything else pulling you down, you can let go.”

For the last few minutes, the instructor might take you through affirmations, chanting or breathwork to set you up for the rest of the day ahead.

A preview of our SPIRIT Dance Meditation sessions

What kind of dancing do you do in the class?

How you move is entirely up to you. SPIRIT Dance Meditation is a freestyle class, there are no steps to follow or routines to learn.

A specially trained instructor will be there to guide you and provide suggestions through the phases of the session.

“For example, the instructor might say, ‘How are your shoulders feeling today? How does the music make your shoulders feel?’ And then you might feel the urge to sway your shoulders,” explains Tina.

It’s all about support and encouragement, not telling you how to dance. You’ll be dancing purely for yourself.

What music will be playing?

An instructor wearing headphones in a David Lloyd Clubs dance meditation class

The David Lloyd Clubs team have worked with DJs to carefully curate a playlist of music that will help you let go, move without self-consciousness and ground yourself in the present. That’s why the tracks are light on lyrics, so your mind won’t latch onto the words!

What do you wear to a dance meditation class?

Anything comfortable that you feel good moving in. Just bear in mind that you might get a bit sweaty in the middle section of the class when the music really kicks in and you get moving. “So as long as nothing’s restricting you, you can wear whatever you want,” says Tina.

All you have to do is connect with the music, live in the moment and set yourself free – then leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

What other types of meditation can you try at David Lloyd Clubs?

At David Lloyd Clubs we take a 360-degree approach to our members’ wellbeing. That means that as well as all the options for physical health, from gyms to swimming pools, we have plenty of ways to help tend to emotional wellness, too.

Our SPIRIT classes blend yoga, Pilates and meditation. If you’d like to try meditation with music but no movement, check out our SPIRIT Sound Meditation sessions. Depending on the club, we also offer general guided meditation and breathwork sessions.

Where can you try SPIRIT Dance Meditation?

SPIRIT Dance Meditation will be available at the following clubs from May 2024 – members can book on the David Lloyd Clubs app:

David Lloyd Dundee

David Lloyd Hamilton

David Lloyd Dartford

David Lloyd Nottingham

David Lloyd Bicester

David Lloyd Finchley

David Lloyd Newbury

David Lloyd Epsom

David Lloyd Beaconsfield

David Lloyd Emersons Green

David Lloyd Kidbrooke

David Lloyd Basildon

David Lloyd Glasgow Renfrew

David Lloyd Leicester

David Lloyd Fulham

David Lloyd Luton

David Lloyd Acton Park

David Lloyd Hatfield

David Lloyd Swindon

David Lloyd Bushey

David Lloyd Raynes Park

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