Want to add more cardio to your exercise routine? Cycling is a low impact way to boost your cardiovascular health and build muscle tone, while working out alongside other people in a group class can also be a great source of motivation. The range of group cycling classes available to enjoy mean there is an option for everybody, even if you’re brand new to cycling.

Here are some of the benefits of indoor cycling and a few tips on what beginners can expect when you’re in a group cycling class.

Benefits of indoor cycling

Performed on stationary bikes, indoor cycling is a great cardio option when the weather prevents you from exercising outdoors and can also be safer and more convenient than cycling outdoors. Whether you’re doing an indoor group cycling class or a virtual cycling class, the benefits include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health: Regular exercise like cycling will strengthen your heart and lungs and help you feel healthier all around.
  • Increased endurance: Indoor group cycling is a smart way to train if you’re looking to boost your endurance for events like long-distance runs and triathlons.
  • Low impact: Cycling is easier on your knees, hips, and ankles than many other types of cardio. That means you can work towards your fitness goals with a lower risk of injury.
  • Builds muscle tone: Cycling targets the lower body, especially quads, hamstrings and glutes, so is great for toning your legs.
  • Perfect for all fitness levels: You’re free to go at your own pace and increase the resistance on your bike to keep working towards your next fitness goal.
  • Burns calories: If you’re keen to try group cycling for weight loss, you can burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories in a 45-minute session.
  • Stress relief: All exercise has the power to reduce stress thanks to the endorphin rush it can create, releasing positive hormones that can boost your mood and help you sleep better. A group cycling class with an instructor can also keep you motivated to stay positive and keep working hard towards your goals, enhancing your satisfaction levels.

What to expect at a David Lloyd group cycling class

When you arrive for a cycling class, our expert trainers are there to help you get your bike set up correctly and help you to feel comfortable in a new environment.

Whether you’re a cycling beginner or a pro, here’s what to expect from our group cycling classes:

  • CYCLONE: With instructor-led and virtual options, CYCLONE uses state-of-the-art Stages bikes; the world’s number one choice of indoor cycling bike with workout tracking technology. From climbing hills to completing timed trails, every class will help you build strength and fitness.
    Your performance stats will appear on screen as you ride so you can track your power output, speed, and distance as you go. Customised for each individual cyclist, CYCLONE will give you the motivation to push yourself to the next level.
  • RHYTHM: Designed to work your body and free your mind, RHYTHM incorporates bespoke playlists, vibrant colours, and ambient lighting to create an immersive experience. You’ll also use dumbbells and upper body movements for a full body workout that is both energizing and fun. Did you know that music has been proven to lift your mood and helps you reach your goals?
  • Group Cycling: Test your speed, strength and endurance in a Group Cycling class that is designed to tone and strengthen the muscles in your legs and lower body and burn calories. Take each class at your own pace and enjoy the shared energy of a group class.

Our CYCLONE and RHYTHM classes are part of our range of Signature group fitness classes, designed to give you an intense workout that you’ll want to keep coming back to again and again.

Group cycling classes are included in your membership. If you’re a member and wish to book a class, check the timetable for your club online or via the David Lloyd Clubs mobile app and register for the class that works best for you.

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