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11 wellness goals that could transform your life

Fitness goals often take the spotlight as a new year approaches — but what about wellness goals? We’ve all made resolutions to run farther, work out at home or go the gym more often. But have you ever set yourself practical, long-term goals to improve your mental, emotional and social well-being?

Instead of focusing purely on physical fitness goals, here are some wellness goals to consider, too. These can significantly enhance your overall health, happiness and well-being in the year ahead — and beyond.

Pick one or maybe two goals to start, and look at how you can tweak your routine to work towards them. Remember, it’s the ‘work towards‘ bit that’s key. You don’t have to achieve your goal straight away, just begin making changes that will eventually make it possible.

1. Get more, and better, sleep

  • Getting enough sleep is essential for your mental and physical health, and it’s not just about the quantity but also the quality of your sleep.
  • Consistent, quality sleep leads to better focus and improved mood, which makes it an important part of your overall wellness.
  • Create a sleep-conducive environment in your bedroom (remove reminders of work, decorate with calming colours) and make sure your bedtime routine includes a wind-down activity like reading or meditating.

2. Plan a weekly screen-free family activity

  • In today’s ‘always on’ digital world, it’s vital to set aside time for screen-free ‘we time’ to strengthen family bonds and encourage creativity.
  • Involve everyone in choosing activities, whether it’s a family walk or crafting project.
  • If you’re a David Lloyd Clubs member, some of our clubs offer family classes, including in our outdoor Battlebox zones. Family time can be so much more fun with a bit of friendly competition!

3. Eat more heart-friendly foods

  • Heart-friendly foods not only improve cardiovascular health but also contribute to your overall well-being.
  • A heart-healthy diet can lead to higher energy levels and a lower risk of chronic diseases.
  • Experiment with heart-healthy recipes that add more whole grains, leafy greens, berries and lean proteins to your diet.

4. Rethink your morning routine

  • Your morning routine can set a positive tone for the rest of your day, improving your mental clarity and motivation.
  • Start the day on the right foot by combining elements that make you feel happy and energised, such as exercise, meditation or a nutritious breakfast.

5. Try one new thing every month

  • Trying something new each month is a quick, easy and versatile way to challenge yourself and freshen up your usual routine.
  • Make a list of activities or skills you’re curious about and commit to exploring one each month — whether it’s crocheting, visiting a town you’ve never been to or, if you’re a David Lloyd Clubs member, trying one of our newer classes, such as our Live Sound Meditation sessions.
  • Regularly making time for new experiences leads to fresh discoveries, greater confidence and a better sense of what brings joy and fulfilment to your life.

6. Declutter your home

  • Decluttering your space may sound like a chore, but it can significantly reduce your stress by creating a sense of achievement.
  • Start with small areas and gradually move to larger ones, donating or discarding items you no longer need or use.
  • If it helps, think of decluttering as a wellness challenge. Whether you dedicate a day, a couple of hours or just 30 minutes, the right action plan will see you quickly clear space and rehome your things.

7. Perform one act of kindness every day

  • Performing a daily act of kindness not only boosts your self-esteem but can also have a positive impact on your community.
  • Simple gestures such as helping a neighbour, complimenting someone or supporting a charity can make a significant difference.
  • Regular acts of kindness can lead to a more fulfilling and connected life, enhancing your sense of happiness and belonging.

8. Eat up to 10 portions of fruit and vegetables daily

9. Use positive affirmations

  • It’s true: Positive affirmations can improve your well-being by shifting your mindset and setting an optimistic tone for the day ahead.
  • Choose affirmations that fit your goals. Repeat them each morning to reinforce your self-belief and boost your self-esteem.

10. Try memory-boosting activities

  • It’s not just your body that needs exercise! Regular mental exercise not only improves recall but can also enhance your problem-solving skills and overall cognitive agility.
  • Make puzzles part of your daily routine, learn a new language or start a new hobby to stimulate your brain and boost your memory.

11. Join a community

  • Joining a new community can expand your social circle, introduce you to new interests and provide a sense of belonging.
  • In the long run, being part of a community enriches your life with new friendships, experiences and a supportive social network.
  • Seek out groups or clubs that align with your interests, such as group exercise, art classes or volunteer work.

Boost your wellness with us

By thinking carefully about your wellness goals — and sticking with them in the long term — you’ll find it easier to maintain and improve your mental, emotional and social well-being.

From innovative holistic exercise options to bliss-inducing spa facilities, and spacious Clubrooms for socialising, there are many ways to take care of your wellness with a David Lloyd Clubs membership. Our clubs are the perfect setting for your wellness journey and, most of all, look after your entire self this year.

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