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Give it a rest: Join us as we trial our first ‘do nothing’ class this January

This January, we’re looking at how to switch off in today’s busy world. Our research shows that two-thirds of us felt mentally exhausted at least once last year due to endless to-do lists (41%), the pressure of family life (37%) and pressures at work.

Switching off and taking time out is easier said than done these days.

In fact, we only last on average six minutes when trying to do nothing before we reach for our phone or switch on the TV. Although two-thirds of us of believe doing nothing would make us happier or healthier, 60% can’t remember the last time they switched off, and 22% wouldn’t even know how to.

Two in five of us (41%) agree they would rather have a free weekend doing nothing than one filled with plans. And further highlighting our desire for a quiet life, 22% even claimed they would rather have 10 minutes’ peace than a Ferrari!

We know that looking after our mental well-being is at the core of a happy, healthy lifestyle. That’s why, this January, we’re inviting you to try out Niksen, a Dutch stress-relief practice based on ‘doing nothing’ or ‘just being’. Niksen is the opposite of ‘always-on’ culture.

We can’t get you a Ferrari, but we can help support you to find your 10 minutes of peace.

On Thursday 18th January, we will be hosting a Live Niksen class for everyone to follow on our @davidlloyduk Instagram page! We’ll also be hosting a live Q&A on Instagram. Our experts and Niksen specialist Jan de Jonge will discuss the importance and benefits of taking time to do nothing in your everyday life.

Selected David Lloyd clubs will be running Niksen-inspired classes, to give you a taster of this stress-reducing trend. All members will be able to take part in a Niksen class on demand on the David Lloyd Clubs app from 18th January, and some clubs will host in-person Niksen classes throughout the month – stay tuned for more details.

Of course, it’s not just about Niksen. As a David Lloyd Clubs member, you can create a different wellness-boosting experience with every visit. Whether you turn up in the mood for a sauna session, an exercise class or a gym workout – or perhaps all of those! – we have the facilities to set you up for the rest of the day. And for those times when you can’t make it to the club, the large library of classes on our app, including meditation sessions, means you can carry on the feel-good mood at home, too.

Discover all the ways to improve your wellness at David Lloyd Clubs.

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