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Laos glass noodle salad (Laap) recipe | with Theo Michaels

Inspired by the unofficial national dish of Laos and a firm local favourite, Laap is at its heart a delicious fried pork mince salad packed with spicy aromatics, fresh, fragrant herbs and the perfect touch of heat. Full of flavour, it is mixed with glass noodles and beautifully laid out on a crisp lettuce leaf for that fresh crunch.


Ingredients (Serves 1):

125g pork mince

50g dried vermicelli rice noodles

1 stick fresh lemon grass, finely chopped

1 birds eye chilli, finely sliced

2 kaffir lime leaves, finely sliced

2 cloves garlic, sliced

1-inch ginger, grated

Juice of 1 lime

10g chopped coriander

10g chopped fresh mint

2 tbsp fish sauce

1 tbsp olive oil

1 spring onion, sliced

2 large romaine lettuce leaves


  1. Place the dried noodles into a bowl and pour over boiling water until submerged. Reserve on one side.
  2. Meanwhile, fry pork mince in a hot pan with olive oil until just cooked. Add the garlic, ginger, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and chilli and stir fry until the pork is cooked through and you can smell the aromatics. Reserve on one side.
  3. Drain noodles and mix into the pork mixture with the spring onion, mint, coriander, fish sauce and lime juice.
  4. Place the mixture on to the lettuce leaves.


Calories 750

Total Fat 19.6g

Total Carbohydrate 133.8g

Protein 5.4g

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This recipe was created by Theo Michaels for David Lloyd Clubs.

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