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Tips for restarting an exercise programme

David Lloyd Clubs has recently launched Team PB – a 6-week programme designed to help people to realise their health and fitness goals, specifically with Coronavirus in mind.

6 people from around the country will be taking part and sharing their stories, challenges and achievements across a 6-week programme.

The members will work with a doctor, a nutritionist, and a David Lloyd Personal Trainer, who they will meet for 3 one-to-one PT sessions a week.

As this kicks off, and with many people in the early stages of a return to fitness and exercise following the easing of lockdown restrictions, we asked our Team PB trainers for their top 10 tips for those starting out on their fitness journeys:

1. Set yourself new goals and focus on them rather than thinking about where you were prior to lockdown.

2. Come with a plan and a clear focus. Write it down; that way you are committed to doing it!

3. Keep exercise varied; you don’t have to spend all your training days in the gym. Add in classes, try out a new sport, or go for a walk with friends or family.

4. Do more of what you like and less of what you don’t! If you’re not a fan of running, trust us <spoiler alert> – you don’t have to run to get fit!

5. An inch of movement will take you closer to your goals than a mile of intention. No matter how small a step you take, just take it!

6. Prioritise correct technique over lifting heavier weight.

7. Regularly test yourself to track your progress and ensure your performance is going in the right direction.

8. Recovery is very important. Good nutrition and consistent sleeping habits will help ensure you get the best out of your sessions and assist the body to repair and recover.

9. Remember to stretch! An effective cool down can save you a world of aches and pains, allowing you to get on with the things you enjoy.

10. Start everyday with gratitude. Be grateful that we have our health and a body that can do amazing things, and try to look after it as best you can.

To follow the progress of our Team PB members and for support and information on how you can go on your own health journey, keep checking back to the blog and our social media pages, where we’ll be sharing stories and updates from our Team PB members.

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