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The guide to outdoor circuit training

We already know that exercise and vitamin D are both proven mood boosters, so imagine how good you’ll feel if you combine the two in an outdoor workout. An outdoor circuit training workout can come in many different shapes and sizes. From a quick session in your back garden to a meet-up at the park with a few friends, you can target all the major muscle groups and work up a sweat all while soaking up the sun. Just don’t forget the sun cream! 

Here’s what you need to know about outdoor circuit training, including how to create a programme that works for you.  

Is circuit training right for you?  

First thing’s first: anyone can benefit from circuit training regardless of fitness level. Whether you’re following a programme created by a trainer or experimenting with building your own circuit, there are always opportunities to modify the exercises, switch up the number of reps, and adjust the length of the workouts to fit your individual needs on any given day. 

If you want to enjoy some fresh air but typical outdoor workouts like running or cycling aren’t really your thing, outdoor circuit training is a great alternative. After all, taking your circuit training outdoors adds another layer of accessibility and convenience because all you have to do is show up! 

Just make sure you’re dressed for the weather, including winter workout clothing in the colder months and following summer exercise advice when it’s hot.

Outdoor circuit training equipment 

The great thing about outdoor circuit training is you can do it with no equipment at all. Or you can get creative and use what you have available to you. For example, if you’re in a park, look around for a picnic table or bench to use as a handy step. If you’re in your own garden, you can incorporate light weights or a skipping rope. The equipment you use is up to you.   

Types of circuit training programs 

Since there are so many directions an outdoor circuit training program can go, narrowing down your focus is a great place to start. Common types of circuit training programmes include:  

  • Strength: Build strength through bodyweight exercises, free-weight exercises or machine-based exercises. Bodyweight routines are ideal for outdoor circuit training.
  • Cardio: Raise your heart rate and condition your cardiovascular system by doing a variety of cardio exercises in quick succession. Exercises that lend themselves to an outdoor setting could include jumping jacks, burpees, jump rope, or running up and down a hill. .
  • Strength and Cardio: Get a well-rounded workout with a circuit that combines strength and cardio to target the entire body in a quick, efficient way.  

How to create a circuit training program  

You don’t have to be a certified trainer to design a circuit training programme for yourself. The more you experiment and adapt, the more you’ll learn along the way. Here are the key steps to building a circuit training program.   

  1. Choose your timing intervals: Circuits involve exercise for a set period (for example, 30 seconds) followed by rest for a set period (for example, 1 minute). Beginners should plan to start off with plenty of rest time and gradually progress from there. 
  1. Choose the type of exercises: Decide whether you are focusing on strength, cardio, or a combination of both. Then determine whether you want to focus on a certain part of the body or make it a full body workout. Bodyweight exercises are perfect for outdoor circuit training and there are plenty of options—and modifications—to choose from.   
  1. Choose the number of rounds: Depending how much time you have to dedicate to your workout and how much you want to push yourself, decide how many times you want to go through each circuit. Don’t forget to factor in warm up and cool down time. Stretching is always essential!  

Try Battlebox at David Lloyd Clubs 

If you’re looking for a little direction, guided outdoor circuit training classes led by experienced instructors are a great way to make sure you’re mastering form and maximizing your workouts. Our Battlebox classes combine full-body fitness training, high energy challenges, and teamwork with fresh air for a unique alternative to your regular routine; 45 or 55-minute Battlebox classes are suitable for participants of all abilities and levels of fitness. 

If outdoor circuit training isn’t your thing, or you want to mix it up with other types of group training, we have classes that can help you keep your workout routine fresh. Discover the range of fitness classes available at David Lloyd Clubs.

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