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11 motivation hacks every runner can try

However much you love running, there may be some days when your motivation levels are low. If you find yourself in this position, don’t panic. The good news is that there are some quick and easy ways to get your motivation – and your run – back on track.

We’ve asked the experts at ASICS for their insider advice on rediscovering the joy of running. Whatever your level, these tips can help boost your motivation. Running novice, long-term runners and everyone in between, get ready to be inspired!

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Words by ASICS Frontrunner Chris Campion

Chris Campion at the ASICS Frontrunner UK Meeting SS23, Sheffield | Photo by Andy Astfalck

Running motivation hacks for everyone

It’s normal to experience times when just lacing up and getting the run done is a struggle. Here are my tips to help stay motivated and get your run done!

1. Know your ‘why’

Why do you run? Are you training for an event? Is it for fitness, weight loss, mental wellbeing, for the social aspects, or just because you love to run? Review your ‘why’ regularly and remind yourself of it when demotivation bites.

2. Plan your run or sessions in advance

I plan a week ahead. Knowing what kind of run, where you’re heading, when, how fast and how far can prevent procrastination before you head out of the door.

3. Set challenging (but realistic) goals

The feeling you get from nailing a session or achieving your planned run can really make your day. Or, enter a race so you have a target to train for. Visualising how you’ll feel when you achieve that goal is a great motivator before or during your run!

4. Mix it up

Road, trail, track, treadmill. There are many places to run so use them all to mix things up and avoid the monotony of running the same loop all the time. Exploring new routes and getting lost in nature is part of the fun!

5. Make your run your commute

Incorporate your run into your daily commute or errands. Can you run to/from the train station, get off public transport a few stops early and run the rest, or even better run the whole way! Save money, get your miles in and help the environment by leaving the car at home – that’s a win-win in my book.

6. Make it social

Committing to run with others at a time and place is often all you need to make sure you get out of the door, and the encouragement can really benefit your run.

Consider joining a running club. Structured training and running with others is fantastic, and group runs are particularly beneficial in terms of running safely in the months with darker evenings.

7. Prepare for the weather

Whether this is wearing the right clothing to help keep you dry, warm or cool, being prepared and comfortable can be a real benefit to help you stick to your plan.

A treadmill run on particularly hot or icy days in the temperature controlled gym can be a huge benefit ! Whilst some don’t favour the ‘dreadmill’, my view is that a treadmill run is better than no run at all!

8. Get the tunes on

Music can be a great motivator regardless of where you run and a distraction to help the miles pass by. Personally, I love a good podcast or audiobook and look forward to my run to continue listening.

9. Embrace your rest days

Burnout is one of the biggest reasons for losing the running mojo, so don’t feel guilty if you’re tired or feeling under the weather.

10. Eat well

A well balanced diet will help you feel energised and post exercise recovery.

11. Remember, it doesn’t have to be all running!

Get into the gym and lift some weights, swim some lengths to loosen your body up. Cross training can help prevent burnout and improve overall strength and fitness. It will also help you stay injury free!

At David Lloyd Clubs we’re delighted to partner with ASICS on our relaunched Run Club. Members of all our clubs can join our Virtual Run Club, a live 30-minute session every Thursday morning with an expert coach. You can do it anywhere – treadmill, park or pavement! Just make sure to book on the app. And many clubs also offer in-person running clubs.

If you want to know more but you’re not already a member, find your local club to get started.

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