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How to Build Endurance and Fitness at David Lloyd Clubs

At David Lloyd Clubs, we offer a huge variety of different classes to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re keen to build muscle, increase your cardiovascular fitness, improve your flexibility, or other, we have the right class for you.

The following classes are all geared towards building endurance and increasing your cardiovascular fitness.


Often described as a combination of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, barre fitness uses a series of targeted, repetitive, low-impact movements to burn fat and sculpt muscles. Among its many benefits, barre helps to increase your endurance by pushing your muscles to their absolute limits. It’s also extremely fun!

TV Presenter Laura Hamilton, a regular at David Lloyd Purley’s Barre classes, says:

“I absolutely LOVE Victoria’s Barre class. I used to have ballet classes as a child and I really miss it.  Barre gives me the perfect ballet fix and it’s a lot harder work than people realise.  The music is current which is not what you would expect from a ballet class, but you perform ballet exercises and little routines to the beat and it’s so much fun!”

Laura Hamilton, David Lloyd Purley

Les Mills RPM

This calorie-torching bike workout will have you sweating in no time! Riding in a team to climb virtual hills and blast through sprints, you’ll test your stamina and endurance, building your fitness and strength in the process. Classes are either 30 or 45 minutes and set to upbeat music to motivate you as you take on imaginary challenges and push yourself.

Les Mills SPRINT

While this class is similar to RPM, it is only 30 minutes long and slightly more intense. Labelled ‘HIIT training on a bike’, you’ll work to reach your maximum heart rate, building stamina and increasing fitness.


This class is a great intro for beginners looking to start strength training. If you feel intimidated by, uncomfortable with, or unsure of gym equipment, BODYPUMP is a great place to build experience and skills under the supervision of a trainer.

While you’ll predominantly work with a barbell, plates are also used. The class is set to different music tracks, with each track focusing on a different part of the body, for example, glutes, biceps, shoulders, triceps and more. The focus is on repetition to build lean muscle and boost endurance. You can do a 55, 45, or 30 minute class.


This fun and energetic class builds both agility and power. It’s a high-impact interval session designed to accommodate all fitness levels and includes a mix of cardio and some strength and conditioning.

Similar to BODYPUMP, you’ll focus on one track at a time to work a specific area of the body.  


This empowering mixed martial arts workout will train you to move like a fighter.  With plenty of punches and kicks, you’ll work your core while building fitness and strength.

Synergy 360 HIIT

This HIIT-based class uses Synergy 360 workout equipment to provide an intense workout. Based on the gym floor, you’ll work in smaller groups to push yourself to the limit, working to reach 90-100% maximum heart rate for 20 seconds with each section.

While the class is only 30 minutes long, you’ll continue to burn calories long after a class finishes.

Les Mills GRIT

As opposed to Synergy 360 HIIT, this HIIT class is based in the studio.

There are three different variations of the workout:

  • Plyo – focuses on athletic moves such as big jumps
  • Strength – uses different weights  
  • Cardio – quick-fire moves designed to work your heart

Les Mills SH’BAM

This Les Mills dance class is a great cardio workout that will get your heart rate going without you even noticing. A fun way to work out without being too serious, it’s a great class for all fitness levels. Similar to Zumba, it follows simple choreography that is built upon week by week. Set to fun pop music, you’ll work your whole body and burn calories over either a 30 or 45 minute class.

Dance Fitness

Unlike SH’BAM or Zumba, Dance Fitness doesn’t have set choreography but is created by the instructor. This means each class is completely unique and could cover a huge range of dance styles, depending on the instructor. Often described as a ‘party in a class’, the upbeat music will make you forget any insecurities or embarrassment and just have fun.

A low-impact class that is easy on the joints, your heart rate will stay in the steady fat-burning zone throughout the class (instead of high cardio or high intensity), making it a less intense option than, say, HIIT.


While Zumba provides the same benefits and fun atmosphere as Dance Fitness, it is its own programme, supplying Zumba-qualified instructors alongside set moves.

Fun and sociable, the music and moves are predominantly Latin American.


In Step classes a simple platform takes centre stage as you jump up, off and around it, following simple routines set to catchy music. This class will get your heart thumping, blood flowing and muscles working to improve endurance and build strong legs.

David Lloyd Purley member, Janine, says:

“One morning I found myself for the first time in Claire’s Step class… Claire’s superior teaching skills managed to coax a sense of rhythm out of my body which actually resembled the beat of the music! This workout was actually fun! I’ve been a regular participant ever since and can’t think of an easier way to expend around 450 calories while having a smile on my face.”

Janine, David Lloyd Purley

To find out more about any of these classes, contact your local David Lloyd Club or take a look at your club’s class timetable and get booking.

How to Build Endurance and Fitness at David Lloyd Clubs
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How to Build Endurance and Fitness at David Lloyd Clubs
At David Lloyd Clubs, we offer a huge variety of different classes to build endurance and increase your cardiovascular fitness. Find out more here.
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