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5 ways to kick-start your post-summer fitness routine

The summer holidays are finally over. Maybe you’ve just come back from an all-inclusive trip, or you’ve been busy juggling kids without the regular routine of school. Perhaps you’ve simply taken a break from your usual schedule in favour of summer relaxation. Whatever the reason, as the days start to get shorter and autumn sets in, getting back into a fitness routine can feel like a tall order.

It’s normal to feel a bit sluggish and unmotivated after a long break, but this can also be a great time to refresh your workout plan, set some new goals and find new ways to enjoy keeping active.  

1. Start with small, achievable goals

The best way to restart your fitness routine is by setting smaller goals to begin with. Ease yourself in with something as simple as a 20-minute brisk walk daily or attending just one or two fitness classes a week. You’ll know what feels achievable for you.

David Lloyd Club Personal Trainer, Jack Claxton, says, “Take it steady in your first couple of weeks. Setting small, achievable goals can create a series of little wins, driving motivation and ensuring consistent progress.”

Then, once you’re back in the swing of things, you can build on things from there.

2. Explore new activities

If your usual gym workout was starting to feel stale before the summer break, why not try a dance class or swimming? You could even spice up your routine by adding something new each week. It could be a fun cycling session to get your heart pumping or a calming holistic class to help you focus on your overall wellness.

“It’s a great time to try something new. If you’re a member of a gym or health club, have a chat with one of the staff and see what they recommend to push you out of your comfort zone,” says Jack.

3. Embrace the here and now

There’s no time like the present, and you don’t even need equipment or a change of clothes to make a start. You could take a brisk walk during your lunch break, do a quick set of push-ups while your coffee brews or simply dance to your favourite song when it comes on the radio! Small, spontaneous exercises like these can help you get going as you build towards more consistent workouts.

You can also make the most of autumn’s fairer days by enjoying a little exercise in the great outdoors, whether it’s an invigorating weekend hike or a breezy bike ride through the park. The energy and momentum you build up now can help you remain mobile and motivated even as winter’s chill sets in.

4. Choose exercises you love

If the prospect of exercise seems like a chore after the lazy days of summer, it’s helpful to find joy in your workouts. If you’re a music lover, for example, dance-inspired workouts like Aqua or Zumba might spark some delight.

Or, for those who want to try something more intense, Jack recommends the stepper and SkiErg in the gym — the latter being a Nordic skiing machine that develops both strength and endurance in the legs, arms and core. Whether it’s a class or a piece of equipment, just find what you love.

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