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Introducing: CYCLONE – What to expect from our latest cycling class

A storm is coming. Hot on the heels of Rhythm, we’re excited to bring you CYCLONE, our latest group cycling class that’s all about improving your performance, fitness, strength and speed on a bike.

What is CYCLONE?

CYCLONE uses cutting-edge cycling technology to bring you a modern class that will boost your cycling performance. No CYCLONE class cuts corners and you’ll be pushed to work to your maximum level. You’ll be motivated by both our expert instructors and by seeing your performance stats as you ride.

How does a CYCLONE class work?

  • Each class is different. You’ll go on a customised ride where you might climb hills, ride famous roads, or power your way through a flat time trial. Rides are varied and diverse and will challenge you in different ways to become stronger, fitter and faster.
  • CYCLONE uses Stages Bikes (the world’s leading indoor bike) and each session is led by an experienced and enthusiastic instructor – whether that’s in person or via our state-of-the-art on-screen digital setup. Instructors will choreograph unique rides with motivating playlists and they’ll coach you throughout the class, with rides customised to best suit your goals, fitness level and abilities. CYCLONE will allow riders to book a specific bike, which means workouts can be personalised.
  • Throughout the class you’ll track your power output, speed and distance via the live data projected on the class screen. This will help keep you motivated and focused as you see your progress and effort throughout the class. Afterwards, you’ll be able to view your ride stats on your CYCLONE account. This makes it simple and easy to track your progress from class to class and see how far you’ve progressed (tracking is similar to a Blaze class, if you’ve done one before).
  • The great thing about CYCLONE is it’s suitable for everyone. CYCLONE takes your current FTP (functional threshold power result)  – this is a measure of your current, personalised power output – and uses this figure to allow all ride stats to be bespoke to every rider in a class, from the complete beginner cyclist to pro level racers.
  • As your FTP changes over time, CYCLONE will continue to monitor your performance and update your account to ensure your in-class experience is always up to date and unique to you. Classes are designed to be inclusive and achievable for everyone, not just for elite cyclists. Participants will be challenged to hit the same zones, but the power and fitness level required to achieve this will differ from person to person, meaning everyone gets to enjoy a workout in a fun group environment while striving to meet their own personal goals.

CYCLONE classes are available now, or coming soon, at the following David Lloyd Clubs:

Acton Park, Beaconsfield, Beckenham, Bolton, Bristol Emersons Green, Bristol Long Ashton, Bristol Westbury, Bushey, Cardiff, Cheadle, Cheshire Oaks, Chigwell, Chorley, Derby, Edinburgh Newhaven Harbour, Edinburugh Corstorphine, Epsom, Farnham, Fulham, Glasgow Rouken Glen, Glasgow West End, Hampton, Harrogate, Kidbrooke Village, Kingston, Leeds, Leicester Narborough, Liverpool Speke, Manchester North, Manchester Trafford City, Milton Keynes, Northwood, Nottingham, Nottingham West Bridgford, Poole, Purley, Royal Berkshire, Warrington, Weybridge Brooklands.

CYCLONE is part of a range of Signature fitness classes that are exclusive to David Lloyd Clubs. Watch the video to see what else is available.

Introducing: CYCLONE
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Introducing: CYCLONE
A storm is coming. CYCLONE, our latest group cycling class that’s all about improving your performance, fitness, strength and speed on a bike
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