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BLAZE Q+A: Everything you need to know about our new class

BLAZE is a high intensity internal training (HIIT) session like no other – and it’s exclusive to David Lloyd Clubs. We’ve put together a Q+A to answer the most commonly asked questions about this fast track to fitness.

We spoke to:

Danny: a BLAZE instructor at David Lloyd Farnham.

Hayley: a BLAZE instructor at David Lloyd Woking.

Grace: a long-term David Lloyd member who has been attending BLAZE classes regularly for over a year.

George: a new starter who recently tried his very first BLAZE class.

Here’s what they had to say.

What is BLAZE?

“BLAZE is a high-intensity workout designed to take you on a journey through different heart rate zones to challenge your personal fitness levels to the max.

“It’s a unique, immersive experience that takes the three main components of training – cardio, strength and combat – and brings them all together. The use of the Myzone heart rate tracker and the boutique studio feel is what I would say makes it stand out miles above the rest.”

Danny, BLAZE instructor

What is Myzone and what are its benefits in a BLAZE class?

“Myzone is a heart rate training monitor that levels the playing field in any class situation. The format of the class gives the members different heart-rate zones to target, which allows them to work to their own ability.”


“Seeing your Myzone stats means that you can see how hard you’re working throughout the class: you know when and where to push yourself to achieve your 9 – 18 minutes in the red zone. It’s also really rewarding to see how many calories you are burning and how many MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) you earn as you do the class.”

Grace, regular BLAZE class-goer

Can anyone take a BLAZE class?

“Yes, the class structure is designed to allow members to work to their own ability. The instructors themselves are trained to a high standard which allows them to offer members progression and regression of certain exercises during the class.”


“It’s not true that BLAZE is only for the super-fit, anyone can take part! We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your first session, so we can teach you the ropes and give you an idea of what’s in store as well as setting you up with a Myzone belt to borrow for your first workout.

“During the class the instructor will suggest the workout zones you should be aiming to hit, but ultimately, it’s your body, your workout and your fitness levels, so you’re in control.”

Hayley, BLAZE instructor

How does the format of the class make for a good workout?

“The three stations allow for a near full-body work out, hitting the big muscle groups and improving cardio fitness.”


“The pace of the class is very quick as it’s three minutes per station (for a 45 minute class) or four minutes per station (for a 55 minute class) – you’re either working or moving to the next station and the variation means that you are never bored. The exercises in different BLAZE classes also vary, which means you get a different workout each time you go.”


How does BLAZE affect your body?

“BLAZE will not only increase your fitness levels cardio-wise but will also improve strength and conditioning through your muscles in your body.

“We ask participants to aim for the recommended 9-18 minutes in the red zone. This allows for the EPOC effect otherwise known as the ‘after-burn’ where the body is burning an increased number of calories for up to 72 hours post workout while recovering and replenishing glycogen stores that have been used up.”


What kind of workout can you expect?

“A challenging workout where participants are working THEIR body to THEIR maximum effort potential throughout. Everyone is made to feel welcome in BLAZE and will leave feeling proud of themselves that they have worked hard.

“We’re not asking participants to be in the red zone for the whole workout- we are looking for a rainbow of colours on the screen throughout the workout as you move through each different zone.”


How does BLAZE compare to other exercise classes?

‘BLAZE is the best exercise class that I have done. The things that differentiate it for me are the music (synced in time with the different zones and lighting, also really upbeat & motivating), along with the variation in exercise and the constant encouragement from the amazing instructors.’


How was your first BLAZE experience?

“I usually don’t go to exercise classes, but this was great! I have never done any exercise wearing a Myzone, so I was surprised when I put it on and my stats popped up on the screen.

“There were three stages which were equally challenging and worked different areas of the body, but the instructor made sure to correct my form so that I was doing it properly. By the end I was knackered but also really pleased with my effort level.”

George, BLAZE beginner

 How did you feel after your first class?

“Fantastic! The three stages gave me a good full body workout and I used muscles that I didn’t even know were there.

“At the end, the results of the class were displayed on screen and I was chuffed that I managed to stay in the “red zone” for longer than I expected. It was a nice way to round off a class and meant I could actually measure the effectiveness of my workout. The instructors were also really encouraging and gave me a personal debrief of my results, which was useful.”


Were there any worries you had about the class before you tried it that proved unfounded?

‘Before I did my first BLAZE class, I was worried that the instructors would be brutal, and it would be a military style boot camp workout. In fact, the instructors are motivating, helpful and push you when you need it, which definitely helps you to achieve your best.”


“I expected the class to be a competition against the other members in the class, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I quickly found out that the only competition was with myself as the heart monitor I was given displayed my stats on a screen and let me know when I dropped the intensity.”


How would you describe BLAZE in three words?

‘Never, ever, boring!’


‘Energising, fun, rewarding.’


‘Immersive, motivational, fulfilling.’


‘Challenging, motivating, fun.’


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Blaze Q+A: Everything You Need to Know
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Read our Blaze Q+A for the most commonly asked questions about our exciting new workout class.
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