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A guide to working and working out at David Lloyd Clubs

Working from home can have its benefits – but it isn’t always straightforward. Some people thrive in their home environment, but others find it difficult to concentrate, and get restless easily.

What’s more, working fully remote or on a hybrid basis can involve dealing with distractions – if you have kids, that’s particularly true during the school holidays.

The usual solution is to build in breaks that get you out of the house, such as a trip to the gym. But it can be time-consuming and demotivating to take time out of your flow to travel, work out, shower and then come back, if you’re working from home.

But what if you could make your gym an extra home office? If you’re already there for the morning or afternoon, you can choose when you want to take a break, and work out, depending on how you’re feeling and whether you’re in the zone.

At David Lloyd Clubs, we offer a number of quiet and relaxing spots in-Club that are perfect for working. Our adult-only spaces and business lounges are comfortable, spacious and well-connected to WiFi, so you can work without disruption or distraction. Once you’ve found your perfect spot, you can order food and drink via the David Lloyd Clubs app to be brought over to you. And you’ll be able to conveniently fit in a workout without massively disrupting your work.

Here’s how you can maximise your working day at your local David Lloyd Club.

1. Head to the spa

Whether you’re recovering after the gym or just need a break from work, using your Club’s spa facilities can really help to promote well-being. It can be difficult to relax and take time for yourself in a traditional office or working from home – working at a David Lloyd Club gives you the opportunity to build wellness into your everyday routine.

2. Eat brain-boosting foods

Avocado and Poached Eggs on Sourdough from the Clubroom menu

Support your brain on a busy working day with foods that are linked to better cognitive function. You’ll find these ingredients in a variety of nutritious dishes on our Clubroom menus*.

  • Avocados – try our Avocado and Poached Eggs on Sourdough
  • Leafy green vegetables – our Chicken Katsu Curry comes with broccoli and kale
  • Walnuts – these are part of our Goats Cheese and Peppadew Salad
  • Salmon – sushi options in the deli may include a Yo! Salmon and Cali Top Hits selection
  • Dark chocolate – look out for dark chocolate rice cakes in our snacks sections
  • Berries – our Oats So Good protein shake contains blueberries

*Availability varies depending on the Club and season.

You can also enjoy a delicious coffee from our partners Change Please – there’s evidence to suggest coffee can help boost exercise performance, so this could give you extra energy if you’re heading to the gym or a class after work.

3. Let your surroundings motivate you

Just as exercising in a gym with people around you can help increase your motivation, when you’re in a setting where other people are working, it can help you get on with your own job. But unlike in a traditional office, you won’t be distracted by colleagues when you need to get your head down!

Many David Lloyd Clubs have adults-only areas within the Clubrooms, giving you a peaceful environment for work. There are charging points for laptops and phones, including wireless chargers in some Clubs. However, if you prefer your ‘office’ to be a bit more lively, you can always take your laptop into the main part of the Clubroom, letting the life of the Club flow around you as you finish your work.

If your Club has outdoor space – and many of them do – you can even try working outside in warmer weather.

4. Schedule an exercise class

If you’re at your Club during a weekday, you’ll still have plenty of classes to choose from. When you’re having a quiet period or are between meetings, book a session on the app – it can help to improve productivity.

  • Need to work out some frustration? Try a cardio class that’ll get your heart pumping, such as HIIT training or group cycling. Afterwards, all those feel-good endorphins should boost your mood for when you start work again. If available at your Club, our Signature Classes can really get you moving – we defy anyone not to have a massive smile on their face after completing a BLAZE session.
  • Feeling under pressure? Unwind with a restorative yoga session.
  • Need a total break? Check out one of our aqua classes. Once you’re in the pool, work will feel a million miles away.

Taking a break from work to exercise has a number of proven benefits. It can help to:

Reduce stress

One of the most common mental health benefits of exercise is stress relief. Working up a sweat releases a chemical called norepinephrine. This helps to moderate the brain’s response to stress and boosts your ability to deal with existing tension.

Improve productivity

Research shows that regular exercise can make you more productive and energetic in the long term.

Boost brain power

Various studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise helps create new brain cells and improve overall brain performance. A workout also increases your levels of a brain-derived protein (known as BDNF) that will improve your ability to plan, remember, simulate scenarios and make decisions.

Increase creativity

If you’re feeling uninspired or in need of some creative juices, a session in the gym can work wonders. One study found that active people come up with more inventive ideas than inactive people.

Find out more about how we support your well-being at David Lloyd Clubs.

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A Guide to Working and Working Out In Club
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A Guide to Working and Working Out In Club
At David Lloyd Clubs, we offer a number of quiet and relaxing spots in club that are perfect for working. Find out more here.
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