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How to make a vision board

Imagine a vibrant tapestry woven with images, words and emotions that represent your deepest desires, loftiest goals and most cherished aspirations. This is your vision board.

More than just a collage of pretty pictures, a vision board can be a powerful tool for harnessing the power of visualisation and directing your mind towards a flourishing future.

Put simply, a vision board can illustrate what you want your life to look like. So if you’re looking for inspiration for where you want to go, creating a board may be the answer. We’ll show you how.

Why create a vision board?

The benefits of vision boards go beyond mere aesthetics. They provide:

Clarity: By visually representing your goals, you can gain laser-sharp focus on what truly matters, ensuring you don’t get lost in the daily shuffle.
Motivation: Seeing your dreams displayed daily can fuel your inner fire, propelling you to take action and overcome obstacles with renewed zeal.
Positivity: Focusing on aspirations cultivates a positive mindset.

How to create a vision board

Step 1: Define your intentions

Before diving into the colourful world of collage materials, take a moment for introspection and reflect on these crucial questions:
What areas of your life crave transformation? Career, relationships, health, finances, spirituality, or a harmonious blend of all these?
What dreams set your soul ablaze? Be specific and paint a vivid picture with details. Imagine climbing mountains, writing novels or fostering meaningful connections.
What emotions do you long to cultivate? Do you seek joy, purpose, peace,
abundance, or a symphony of positive feelings?

Step 2: Choose your board

Now it’s time to unleash your inner artist! Choose your preferred board, whether that’s a physical object or a digital design.

For a physical board, gather vibrant magazines, old newspapers, inspiring quotes, scissors, glue, colourful markers and a sturdy poster board.

If you’d prefer to create a digital board, embrace the convenience of apps like Pinterest, Canva, or online image databases. Use photo editing software for a personalised touch.

Step 3: Gather inspiration

Look for images that resonate with your deepest desires. Don’t shy away from:
Emotive photos: Landscapes that evoke serenity, couples radiating love, or scenes
depicting your dream career.
Powerful quotes: Words that move your spirit, reminding you of your worth and
empowering you to chase your dreams.
Personal touches: Include treasured photos, hand-drawn illustrations, or symbols that hold special meaning.

Step 4: Arrange your board

Let your intuition guide you as you arrange your collected treasures. Consider these options:
Thematic harmony: Group elements by life domains – career, relationships etc.
Mind mapping: Start with your ultimate goal in the centre and branch out with images representing stepping stones.
Intuitive flow: Trust your gut and create a layout that resonates with your unique visual language.

Step 5: Let your inner compass guide you

Your board is more than just decoration; it’s an active force in your life. Hang your board where you’ll see it daily – bedroom, workspace, or wherever inspires you. If you’ve created a digital board, set it as your phone wallpaper or computer screensaver
for a regular reminder.

Take time to gaze at your vision board, breathe deeply, visualise your goals, and feel the emotions they evoke. As your dreams evolve and you celebrate new achievements, review and update your board.

Tips for maintaining your vision board

Involve loved ones: Share your board with friends and family for added support and
Amplify affirmations: Write positive affirmations alongside your images for greater impact.
Multiple boards matter: Don’t limit yourself to one. Create separate boards for specific projects or life stages.
Enjoy the journey: Embrace the creative process and revel in the joy of visualising your dreams coming true.

Looking for more ways to make positive change? Explore our guide to setting intentions.

Words by Carlie Barlow

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