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Discover Change + Check this Breast Cancer Awareness Month

At David Lloyd Clubs, we’ve been proud supporters of Change + Check by ITV’s Lorraine since 2017.

Founded by Lorraine producer and breast cancer survivor Helen Addis, this brilliant campaign raises awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

“The campaign is all about getting to know your body and what’s normal for you,” Lorraine says in a statement. “Noticing changes and getting checked gives you a chance of early diagnosis, and do remember, chances are it’s nothing to worry about, but you will get peace of mind.”

Together with breast cancer charity Future Dreams, Change + Check has produced a guide to checking your breasts for symptoms.

“Individual women know the shape, size and consistency of their own breast tissue better than anyone else,” says Dr Hilary Jones, who is supporting the campaign.

“That’s why regular self-examination is more likely to pick up anything that has changed, rather than anything else or anyone else.

“If a woman does notice any change in the size, shape or texture of their breast, they should see their GP immediately as the GP can refer them on an urgent pathway for rapid assessment and diagnosis at a hospital breast clinic.”

It’s important to note that breast cancer can affect anyone.

“Although much less common, breast cancer can affect men too,” says Dr Hilary Jones.

“Symptoms are similar to women, with breast enlargement, a palpable lump or even nipple discharge being present.”

Change + Check has involved plenty of eye-catching events over the years to raise awareness, including a hot air ‘boob balloon’ and Lorraine herself climbing the O2! This year, they’re taking things to a whole new level.

The campaign has brought together a choir of 20 women who found their breast cancer after seeing Change + Check – and they’re releasing a charity single, Golden. It’s a fantastic song, full of hope and inspiration, and money raised from streams and downloads will help others and save lives.

“I’m hugely indebted to the incredible members of the choir – women living with breast cancer – who sound like strong, sassy angels,” says Lorraine.

Show your support by pre-ordering and downloading the single. Let’s get it to the top of the charts!

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