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Perfecting your backstroke technique

Good technique when swimming is key in helping you go further, faster. Effort and commitment in training will get you a long way, but having the correct technique will help you progress massively. Perfecting your backstroke technique will make sure every movement is powerful, efficient and adding value.

 Here are some tips:

Keep your body flat


Make sure you keep your body as flat as possible so that you’re streamlined in the water, swimming with your body as close to the surface of the water as possible. Imagine that you’re in bed with your head on a pillow, and push your stomach up to the ceiling, keeping your midriff flat.

Make sure you only drop your hips slightly to keep your legs under the water – if you drop them too low, you’ll create resistance with your body that will slow you down.

Keep your neck and head relaxed

Make sure you keep your head and neck relaxed, checking you’re not holding your neck up high or letting it fall back too much – this could cause strain or make you gulp water. Keep your head facing straight up, resisting the temptation to look around and cause drag.

Focus on how your arms enter the waterperfecting-your-backstroke-flat

Your thumb should be the first part of your hand to leave the water, and the last to re-enter. As you draw your hand out of the water, turn your palm to face your hips. As your arm comes up and over you, rotate the arm so that your little finger enters the water first. This will give you as much power as possible.

Make sure that your hands enter the water just outside of your shoulders – this will ensure you avoid the criss-crossing that comes from initiating the pull inside of your shoulder.


Watch your legs

Get as much power in your kick by keeping you legs close together, making sure you kick from your hips and not from your knees. Don’t let your knees break the water.

Keep your ankles relaxed and your feet slightly turned in.

perfecting-your-backstroke-coachConsider a session with a swimming coach to improve your backstroke technique

Struggling to improve your technique on your own and looking for some professional advice? At David Lloyd Clubs we have both indoor and outdoor swimming pools and swimming lessons where our expert coaches are on hand to help you improve. To find your local club and enquire about joining, or find out more about swimming at David Lloyd Clubs here.

Perfecting your backstroke technique
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Perfecting your backstroke technique
Good technique when swimming is key and perfecting your backstroke technique will make sure every movement is powerful, efficient and adding value.
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