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New to personal training: What to expect from your personal trainer

Whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned gym-bunny looking for a fresh challenge, working out with the help of a Personal Trainer can be hugely beneficial. Trainers can help by tailor-making your own personal exercise plan to help you reach your goals and achieve results. They can teach you correct form, helping to prevent injury and ensure optimal results, while showing you exactly how to improve your individual strength and mobility.  Additionally, they can give a much needed dose of motivation and encouragement when things get tough.

While training with a professional requires hard work, it’s well worth it. For those of you considering working with a trainer, here are some things you should know before getting started:

Find the right trainer for you

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first trainer you come across – you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person, so you need to make sure you’re well suited and on the same wave-length. Do your research by talking to all the different trainers in your gym –if there’s anything they specialise in, and what experience they’ve had helping previous clients achieve goals similar to your own. Ask what their teaching style is, and think about how this will suit you.

Be completely honest with your trainer 

Once you’ve found a trainer, you’ll go for an initial consultation where they’ll look to establish your current level of fitness and health. Typically, you’ll be asked to sign some forms and fill out a number of questionnaires on your lifestyle. It’s important to be honest here as they’re simply trying to get a gauge on what is safe for you to do. Let them know any basic medical information, including health issues, injuries, medication you’re taking etc.

Expect a thorough assessment

When you go for your initial consultation, your trainer may offer to take body composition measurements, recording your weight and taking chest, waist, hips, legs and arms measurements. At David Lloyd Clubs they’ll use a machine called Body Hub, a high-tech device that gives you a range of data about your fitness and well-being. By having this information recorded, you’ll be able to track your progress easily.

After this, your trainer may give you certain exercises to do in order for them to gauge where you are in terms of fitness, strength and flexibility. Don’t be embarrassed if you find it hard, that’s what you’re there for! It’s simply a chance for them to tailor make the perfect programme for you.

Come with a clear list of goals

The whole point of having a Personal Trainer is so they can tailor your exercises to meet your goals. If you have anything specific in mind bring a list along – that means your PT can make sure they know exactly what is it you want to achieve. While losing weight or gaining muscle are common goals, they’re very broad – do you want to tone a specific area, build muscle around an area prone to injury, be able to do a certain amount of pull-ups? Try to focus on smaller goals you can build up to and work towards. And, if you aren’t sure of exactly what it is you want to achieve, don’t worry! Your trainer will be able to help you set realistic and achievable goals in no time.

Discuss your nutrition

Most Personal Trainers will have a basic discussion about your diet and what/how much you need to be eating. To give your exercise regime the best change of being effective, your nutrition needs to fall in line too, and your PT will be able to give you some pointers and advice to make sure your hard work in the gym isn’t wasted.

Voice your preferences

Don’t be shy in saying what type of teaching style works for you and what you react well to. Do you want an instructor who shows tough love to motivate you, or one who is gentler and more understanding? Every person is different and it’s great to make it clear what you think you need to thrive and do your best.

Likewise, if there are certain types of exercise you can’t stand, let them know! Exercise may be work, but it’s also about enjoying yourself, so if you hate the StairMaster with a passion, just say it! There are so many ways to exercise, there’s no point forcing yourself to do something you really don’t enjoy.

If you’re looking for personal trainer come down to your local David Lloyd Club today.  Our trainers are the best in the business and no matter what your level of fitness, or what it is you want to work towards, they’ll be able to help!

New to personal training: What to expect from your personal trainer
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New to personal training: What to expect from your personal trainer
While training with a professional requires hard-work, it’s well worth it. For those of you considering working with a trainer, here are some things you should know before getting started
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