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Are you ready for the Pudsey Bearpees Challenge?

Move over, burpees, it’s all about the Bearpees now – Pudsey Bearpees, that is.

At David Lloyd Clubs, we’re delighted to be the official Health and Wellness Partner for BBC Children In Need. That means we’re also the partner for their brilliant 2023 fundraising challenge, The Pudsey Bearpees Challenge, and we’d love you to get involved.

As BBC Children in Need’s ambassador – and former David Lloyd Clubs Lifeguard – Joe Wicks MBE said in a statement: “When I worked at David Lloyd Clubs, the members were always so enthusiastic and ready to take on a challenge so I am sure that all the members will get behind the Pudsey Bearpees to help us make a difference when it is needed most.”

All you have to do is perform 1,000 Bearpees in one month. The brilliant bit? There are versions of Bearpees to suit almost every level of physicality, from seated to ultra-hard, which means pretty much everyone can get involved.

We’ll talk you through the different types of Bearpees below – first, here’s Joe Wicks to explain more about why you should sign up:

There are four types of Bearpees you can do for the challenge. You’ll find how-to videos on the BBC Children In Need Pudsey Bearpees Challenge site.

Basic Bearpee

Start by standing, then place your hands on the floor. Kick your feet back into plank position, lower your chest to the floor. From there, push up, jump your feet forward, hop up and raise your hands over your head.

Seated Bearpee

Start by sitting in a stable chair. Lift your hands over your head and roll forwards, aiming to touch the floor in front of your feet. Roll back up and stretch your arms above your head again.

Slow motion Bearpee

Start in a standing position, then slowly lean forwards to rest your hands on the floor in front of your feet. Step both feet back into a high plank. Bring your left foot forwards following by your right foot. Stand up tall, stretching your arms above your head.

Extreme Bearpee

Start by standing, place your hands on the floor and jump your feet back into a plank. Lower your chest to the floor, push back up and jump your feet forwards. As you come up, do a tuck jump, aiming to bring your knees above your waist.

“1000 Bearpees does sound like a lot but I promise you can do it, whether you take on the seated Bearpees or the ultra-hard ones, together we can raise vital funds to continue to be there for the children and young people across the UK that need us most.”

Joe Wicks MBE

Add your Bearpees to your regular gym routine, or fit them in at home; do your Bearpees on your own or make it a social thing with friends and family. However you choose to get involved, we can’t wait for you to join in. We’ll have fundraising events taking place across all clubs, and a mass Bearpee moment taking place on BBC Children In Need Appeal Day on Friday 17th November.

Sign up now to our free David Lloyd Clubs JustGiving fundraising page and learn more about the BBC Children In Need Pudsey Bearpees Challenge.

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