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Keeping Your Kids Happy at David Lloyd Clubs: Kids and Teenagers

At David Lloyd Clubs, we offer a wide range of activities for kids and teenagers. These range from active classes that develop sporting talents, social skills and team work, to fun social activities such as movie nights, to educational activities such as design sessions. There is something for every personality and interest.

Various tennis and swimming related classes and training groups are also available to help your child learn a sport for life and develop essential skills. 

Activities for Kids (ages 5 – 7 & 8 – 11)

We provide tailored classes for two age groups – 5 to 7 and 8 to 11 – so your child will be surrounded by peers of a similar age and abilities.

Action Squad (5 – 7 & 8 – 11 years)
This class is all about unforgettable fitness fun. There are lots of team games, sports challenges, blasts of fitness and pumping music. It aims to develop skills that can be used in a wide range of sports and helps to further social skills and team work.

Sports Squad (5 – 7 & 8 – 11 years)
A class for sporty kids and those wanting to try something new. Each week kids will explore a different sport by learning the rules, doing drills and taking part in games. We even throw in a weekly sporty fact you can use to impress friends. Designed to help build positive self-esteem, increase feelings of physical and mental wellbeing and improve fitness levels.

Scooter Squad (5 – 7 & 8 – 11 years)
Our Scooter Squad gets kids playing scooter games, mastering new tricks and learning how to stay safe.

Design Squad (5 – 7 & 8 – 11 years)

Create, build and play. Design squad fires young imaginations with activities including den building, slime-making and vlogging. We throw in educational fun facts based on the weekly activity theme.

Club Night (5 – 7 & 8 – 11 years)
Kids meet up with friends and our team. There will be games, construction toys, creation stations and themed activities. The kids take control and create the fun. You’ve been warned!

Cinema Club (5 – 7 & 8 – 11 years)
The popcorn will be flowing… Time to enjoy a movie with friends and take part in themed activities as they watch.

St Johns Junior First Aid Award (8 – 11 years)

Learn basic first aid knowledge through fun activities and practical games. Gain practical, teamwork and leadership skills.

Swimming Activities

Junior Swim (3 months – 16 years)

It’s essential that kids feel safe and comfortable in the water – and our junior coaching classes are the best way to give them the skills and confidence they need.

Our world-class junior swim programme follows the Swim England Swimmer Pathway which helps kids of all abilities develop a full range of swimming strokes and water skills. The class sizes are small to allow for close attention to the kids by our Swim England Level 2 teachers.

When combined, they turn kids into competent, confident and safe swimmers who can use breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and front crawl. At each stage of the pathway kids will receive a variety of awards and regular reports to ensure they are motivated to continue.

Shark Test (10 – 11 years)
Once your child has completed a Shark Test, they can use the pool on their own during family swim times. They will be asked to complete drills in the pool.

Rookie Lifeguard (8 – 12 years)
Rookie Lifeguard offers the first opportunity to explore water safety, gradually gaining independence and confidence while learning vital life skills. The programme will inspire kids, whilst helping them keep themselves, their friends and their family safe in the water.

Swim Team (8 – 16 years)

If your child adores spending time in the pool, our swim team could be ideal. Besides improving stamina and skills, it gives them the chance to enter friendly competitions at your club and against other David Lloyd Clubs nearby.

The Swim Team involves hour long sessions each week where they can perfect their swimming abilities alongside friends and learn to work in a team culminating in regular competitions. Membership means your child is one of the club’s best swimmers and is eligible for our team kit, including hoodies, swim hat, team bag and water bottle.  Aim high, swim fast!

Find out more about kids swimming >

Tennis Activities

Junior Tennis (3 – 18 years)

Let your kids learn a fantastic life-long sport and develop essential skills by signing them up for our LTA-endorsed Junior Tennis Coaching.

Our weekly lessons are packed with top quality, world-class content that will get your child improving quickly, thanks to our LTA-qualified coaches. We’ll give you regular reports on their progress and ways you can help.

Kids receive special kit, including a t-shirt, water bottle and wet bag, with new kit whenever they move age group. And kids love our special events – celebration tennis parties, Halloween Tennis, Christmas Santa and Parent & Child Championships. When ready they can also enter our Junior Grand Slam tournaments and, eventually, Junior Club Championships, inter-club matches and even our National Championships.

We’ll help your child achieve their full potential, both on and off the court.  For our older junior (11-18 year olds) members we continue with weekly lessons with our LTA-qualified coaches to fully develop their game. We also offer fun social club sessions, junior cardio and match plays and competitions, all whilst in a fun environment where they can make some new friends.

Team Tennis (7 – 10 years)

If you’re looking to take your child to the next level, then look no further.

If they want to be the best they can be, now is the perfect time to join the Tennis Team. Our inspiring coaches will develop their skills and refine their technique, while improving their all court game. They’ll share amazing team experiences, meet new friends, train with the best and discover their competitive streak at inter-club competitions.

Gym Activities

Fitness (8 – 15 years)

Are your kids ready to get started in the gym? We’ve introduced special sessions to familiarise them and let them exercise safely.

Family Group Exercise (8+ years)
Family Group Exercise lets families exercise together in different ways. From an exciting workout on our SYNRGY360 indoor frame to a circuit class, family time has never been so energetic! Plus, children over 4’10” tall can enjoy our 10-15 years Cycling classes.

Supervised Gym (10 – 13 years)
Junior members who have completed Start Up can attend 45-60 minute supervised sessions, as long as they wear their green band and follow their assigned workout programme.

We also run specific times when parents can exercise with inducted children.

Start Up (10 – 15 years)
A two-stage induction for 10-15 year olds, after which they can use the gym under adult supervision. Inducted members aged 14-15 can also use the gym by themselves until 7pm (8pm at weekends).

Group Exercise (14+ years)
Some of our exercise classes are open to members aged 14+ if they’re accompanied by an adult. It’s perfect for teenagers who enjoy workouts more within our standard group classes.

Battlebox Family Play (8+ years)
Have fun and get fit together with this amazing outdoor family workout for adults and children aged 8+. You’ll need teamwork, speed, agility, balance and movement – let the games begin!

If you have any questions about kids activities at David Lloyd Clubs, please contact your local club to find out more.

Keeping Your Kids Happy at David Lloyd Clubs: Kids and Teenagers
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Keeping Your Kids Happy at David Lloyd Clubs: Kids and Teenagers
At David Lloyd Clubs, we offer a wide range of free activities for kids and teenagers of all ages. Find out more here.
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