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Introducing: Rhythm

Whether jumping on a bike is your favourite way to get active, or simply a convenient way of getting from A to B, cycling is an excellent form of exercise. Not only does it boost cardiovascular fitness and endurance, it works the legs and core, focuses the mind and helps alleviate stress. Low impact and gentle on the joints, it’s a good way to keep fit for people of all ages.

One way to reap the benefits of cycling is in a group cycling class. These classes are a great place to make new friends, boost your motivation and push yourself under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

In addition to a range of existing cycling classes, David Lloyd Clubs have introduced a unique new class to help you cycle your way to better physical and mental health. Meet Rhythm.

What is Rhythm?

Exercising on a bike doesn’t have to be all about sweat, hard work and determination. With Rhythm, David Lloyd Clubs’ latest boutique-style group cycling class, you’ll enjoy an immersive workout that tests your muscles whilst also unlocking your emotions via music, colour and ambient lighting.

You’ll ride, pump, sit and stand with our awesome instructors and those around you, experiencing different riding positions as you move to the music.

Rhythm is about energy and how a group can move as one: we’re here to push your mind, body and soul and to leave you walking back out of those studio doors feeling alive. Let yourself go, leave your inhibitions at the studio door and allow the rhythm to take you as you focus on how you feel and how your body moves.

Ride. Move. Feel.

While Rhythm provides the same excellent physical benefits as other cycling classes, it will also help lift your mood and reduce stress. The inspiring playlists, motivating instructors and dimly-lit studios all combine to immerse you in a journey as you ride to the beat, while the consistent, rhythmic movement of the pedals moves you into an almost meditative state.

Image of group doing tricep exercises in Rhythm class

Both the bike and the content of the class are easily adapted to suit different fitness levels, so everyone from newbies to seasoned riders can enjoy and challenge themselves.

Want to get more of a taste of what Rhythm is all about? Watch one of our virtual classes, where our expert instructors guide you through a Rhythm session.

Rhythm classes are available at selected David Lloyd Clubs. Find your local club.

Rhythm is part of a range of Signature fitness classes that are exclusive to David Lloyd Clubs. Watch the video to see what else is available.

Introducing: Rhythm
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Introducing: Rhythm
David Lloyd Clubs have introduced a brand new class to help you cycle your way to better physical and mental health. Meet Rhythm.
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