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Introducing IGN1TE, our pulse-raising HIIT class

What it HIIT? On a basic level, high intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a workout that alternates between periods of intense bursts of activity and less-intense recovery stints or rest. From improving your overall cardiovascular health to working on your co-ordination and strength, HIIT-based cardio classes are high energy and great fun.

Saying that, HIIT classes come in different formats. We have several styles of HIIT at David Lloyd Clubs, which means you can find the right session to meet your goals and your mood on any given day. Looking to combine strength with cardio? We think you’ll love our IGN1TE classes.

IGN1TE classes are part of our Signature range, exclusive to David Lloyd Clubs. They’re designed to give you the perfect blend of strength and cardio, all in the same session.

What is IGN1TE?

IGN1TE is a choreographed HIIT workout that lets you build strength and endurance. Each class is designed to test your whole body.

There are two types of IGN1TE: STRIKE and ENERGY.

IGN1TE STRIKE is a martial-arts inspired session that really packs a punch. Expect a focus on speed and striking movements, taking you on a high-energy journey through martial arts-inspired routines.

IGN1TE ENERGY is, as the name suggests, a high-energy class blends athletic movements and skill-based challenges.

Whichever session you choose, you’ll find high-energy music and our motivating trainers, giving you a HIIT class that’ll leave you feeling ready to take on the rest of your day.

How does an IGN1TE class work?

During a 30 or 45-minute IGN1TE class, your instructor will take you through a series of exercises, culminating in one final push that’s set to our signature AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) track to finish off the class. Each session usually incorporates the following elements:

  1. Warm up: Introduces basic moves seen through the workout to warm up the muscles and increase the heart rate.
  2. Progressive cardio: Adds more impact and directional movements to start increasing intensity.
  3. Strike #1: Martial arts-inspired movements which will continue to increase the heart rate. With more of a lower body focus, this is a great opportunity to condition the quads and glutes and get the legs fired up.
  4. Athletic HIIT: Your first heart rate peak – challenges the heart rate with explosive and powerful movements and short recovery phases.
  5. Strength & Conditioning: Improves muscular strength and endurance with a mixture of lower and upper body exercises that challenge the core. Designed to sculpt lean muscle.
  6. Agility & Power: Second cardio peak – spike the heart rate as you improve your agility, speed, and power. Reaction time and balance will also be tested.
  7. Strike #2: Second martial arts track – this time with more of an upper body focus to burn out the shoulders.
  8. AMRAP: Final peak – this AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible) section is all about testing your fitness levels and pushing yourself through repetition or time-based drills.
  9. Dynamic cooldown: Brings the heart rate down with a dynamic recovery involving flowing movements to keep the body active, help stretch muscles, and increase range of motion.

IGN1TE is great for your overall cardiovascular health, and is the ideal workout to burn calories and increase endurance. You can find these classes at our clubs across the UK.

IGN1TE sessions are part of our range of fitness classes, designed to give you an intense workout that you’ll want to keep coming back to again and again.

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