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Introducing DELTA, our new small-group training programme

With their combination of team spirit and expert coaching, it’s easy to see why group training classes are one of the most popular ways to stay fit. And the benefits can be magnified when a group is working through a progressive program, guided by an expert coach. Working together in a small group means you have the opportunity to form stronger bonds and keep each other accountable and motivated as you receive one-on-one guidance from your coach. 

With that in mind, we’ve created DELTA, a brand-new small-group training programme where you’ll work in groups of 6 to 8 as you fast-track to your fitness goals.  

Let’s take a closer look at the latest addition to David Lloyd Clubs’ extensive range of fitness options

What is DELTA?

DELTA brings inspiration, education and community to your training routine. If you’re keen to get started with personal training, but like the idea of the added motivation and community that working out as a group can bring, DELTA could be just what you’re looking for. 

Whether you want your training to be a crash course in general fitness, a masterclass in form and technique, or simply a way to build confidence and motivation to find a routine in the gym, you’ll make tangible progress towards your goals with the guidance of our expert coaches and the support of your group. In short, DELTA sessions incorporate fun, strength, variety, and progressive programming to help you move better, become fitter, and feel more confident in the gym.  

DELTA is offered as a paid programme in addition to your membership package. On a monthly basis, you get unlimited access to sessions when you enrol, so you can attend as many sessions as you like — all easily booked through the David Lloyd Clubs app. We recommend attending three times per week to get the most out of the programme while also giving your body enough time to recover. 

How does a DELTA session work?

The beauty of DELTA is that each session is different. In fact, there is no better way to breathe new life into your fitness journey and to break away from a gym routine that isn’t delivering you results. Depending on your Club, classes will take place in either a dedicated DELTA studio or in a specific part of the gym designed to host DELTA classes. The equipment you use will vary by session, including Y Bells, barbells & weight plates, as well as cardio equipment such as rowing machines and assault bikes. 

So, simply show up, warm up, and trust in your trainer to bring the best out of you in a fun-filled, educational 45-60 minute session. DELTA classes will focus on areas including strength training, functional training and conditioning circuit training, and will usually consist of: 

  • A well-designed warm-up to prepare your mind and body for the session ahead
  • A mobility section to help you work on moving better and prepare to perfect your form and technique
  • A focus session where your coach will take the time to support you in improving your exercise technique and build your strength from session to session
  • A conditioning session designed specifically to help build on and improve your fitness levels 

So, ready to freshen up your routine with our newest small-group experience? DELTA classes are currently available at 23 David Lloyd Clubs across the UK, and will be introduced to further Clubs throughout 2023.

With state-of-the-art gyms in our clubs around the UK with personal trainers, a wide variety of equipment, and our Signature classes, you are sure to find the perfect workout routine to suit you. Simply find your closest David Lloyd Club and sign up for a free trial session to get a feel for DELTA.

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