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Five HIIT-based classes for maximum results

When it comes to burning the calories and blasting body fat, short and sweet HIIT sessions win the game. HIIT -that’s High Intensity Interval Training, combines a simple formula: alternating short periods of intense anaerobic activity, with less intense recovery periods.

The result? You’ll gain results fast and effectively.

Here at David Lloyd Clubs, we offer intensive, high-energy classes which bring maximum results.

Why you should switch up your training routine and get on board with HIIT

  • HIIT burns calories more efficiently during and after a session than continuous aerobic training – your body continues burning calories for approximately two hours after your session.
  • It increases your endurance levels, as the sessions require maximum output.
  • HIIT exercise boosts the metabolism whilst building and maintaining lean muscle mass.
  • HIIT is an anaerobic exercise, meaning that during a class your body relies on energy stored in your muscles via a process called glycolysis; your body’s glycogen breaks down and turns into glucose (sugar!), which is then converted into energy.
  • Training with HIIT’s simple formula means you gain the same (or greater) results in half the time than low-intensity, longer exercise regimes. A win for time efficiency!

Five classes for maximum results:

Want to blast body fat and burn the calories? Why not explore a new way to work out?

Our HIIT-based classes run regularly throughout the week across all our UK clubs. Here’s our five favourites:

  • SYNRGY 360-HIIT/30 MINUTE DURATION: Join our functional training ‘playground’ which provides a total body workout as you alternate between workstations for a set period of time. The stations do differ, but the kit and equipment used can include a TRX suspension kit, slamballs, battle ropes, and monkey bars, alongside full body movement with crawls and burpess.
  • GROUP CYCLING/45 MINUTE DURATION: Group cycling classes are done on stationary bikes where you’ll traverse varying, tough gradients and hill levels, increase your power and speed capacity whilst elevating your heart rate to the maximum. Some are instructor-led classes and some classes are virtual-lead.
  • HIIT STRONG/30 MINUTE DURATION: Working the whole body using high-intensity, interval-style strength training, you’ll combine periods of high-intensity workloads and rest periods. Use your bodyweight and mixed resistance equipment to build strength with various exercise drills, working to your maximum output. Suitable for all levels of fitness, you can work at your own level.
  • *BLAZE/45 MINUTE DURATION: Exclusive to David Lloyd Clubs, classes combine mixed martial arts, intensive cardio and strength training exercises. Members wear a MyZONE heart rate monitor throughout which tracks progress onto a studio screen. You’ll see coloured-zones displayed: yellow, green and red, with red indicating members are working at their hardest capacity. During a 45-55-minute session, you can potentially burn 500-1,000 calories.
  • BOXING CIRCUIT: Combines the techniques and skillset of boxing with circuit training. You’ll workout using some glove and pad work stations with our instructors and work one-to-one with class members. The pace is fast and enjoyable, the instructor will set some high energy drills too. Suitable for all levels of fitness, you can work at your own level.

Explore a new way to workout, blast body fat and burn the calories. Gain results fast and effectively by switching up your training with our HIIT-based classes at your local David Lloyd Club.

Five HIIT-Based Classes For Maximum Results
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Five HIIT-Based Classes For Maximum Results
When it comes to burning the calories and blasting body fat, short and sweet HIIT sessions win the game. Find out how our fun, intensive, high-energy HIIT classes will help you achieve maximum results.
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David Lloyd
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