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Are you looking to get your kids more active? If so, it could be time to show them how much fun it can be to work up a sweat. Family exercise classes like our new BLAZE REBELS sessions are a great way to instill a love of exercise, bond over shared experiences and tackle new challenges together.

Introducing your kids to something a little different like HIIT (high intensity interval training) could give them a buzz about fitness, which can be key to making exercise a lifelong habit. Made up of a series of short bursts of activity, HIIT classes like BLAZE REBELS are designed to get the heart pumping, and are a perfect way for children, teenagers and young adults to improve fitness and mental health.


Just like our signature BLAZE classes, BLAZE REBELS combines mixed martial arts with cardio and strength training, but in a safe, child-friendly way. After all, from improved cardiovascular health to greater strength and stamina, children can enjoy the benefits of HIIT in a lot of the same ways that adults can.

Delivered by an expert Blaze trainer, our BLAZE REBELS classes incorporate lighter dumbbells and bags to ensure kids feel challenged but are still able to complete the circuits. Our specially-selected playlists will give you plenty of motivation, and at 35 minutes from start to finish, a BLAZE REBELS class proves that you don’t need to dedicate hours of your day to working out to feel the full benefit. HIIT is known for being an effective way to work up a sweat — and quality time spent with the family is always a bonus.

How does a BLAZE REBELS class work?

When you sign up for a class, you’ll have the option to choose a station that can be shared with up to 1 adult and 2 children aged 8 and above. If you are a larger family, make sure to book 2 stations next to each other so you can still experience BLAZE REBELS together.

Every class starts with a warmup followed by 2 rotations through the workout zones and a cool down to finish up. The 3 different workout zones are:

  • Cardio zone: Running at various speeds on woodway curve treadmills.
  • Strength zone: A range of different weights exercises at a bespoke weight bench to work different muscle groups.
  • Combat zone: You’ll punch, kick and grapple with a suspended punch bag and weighted core bags.

Class participants will spend 3 minutes in a zone before moving on to the next one, completing the entire circuit twice. What’s more, using MyZone technology, you’ll also be able to track your workout on our interactive screen as you go, which is great for keeping the kids engaged and striving towards giving their best in each session.

If you’re interested in giving BLAZE REBELS a try before committing to a full class, we also offer taster sessions to help you get a feel for the workout. Don’t be surprised if your kids get hooked! And while it’s important for everyone to take recovery time between classes, for children in particular, we recommend at least 48 hours between HIIT classes.

BLAZE REBELS is just one of a number of family-friendly activities we have to offer. Learn more about our kids classes and more at a David Lloyd Club near you.

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