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Is the end of ageing in sight? Introducing the Future of Wellness

What do you think about a yoga mat powered by artificial intelligence? How about working out in an underground biodome designed to mimic the experience of being outdoors? Can you imagine a world where we no longer experience any signs of ageing?

These ideas may seem light years away – but the future may be coming sooner than you think.

We’ve brought together experts in health, fitness and futures studies to form The David Lloyd Clubs Wellness Council. Last year, we celebrated 40 years of David Lloyd Clubs. Now, these experts have used wide-ranging data to predict what health and wellness could look like over the next 40 years – which means biodomes, AI yoga mats and the end of ageing may become a reality as soon as 2063.

Of course, those weren’t the experts’ only predictions. The David Lloyd Clubs Wellness Council have looked at everything from sustainability and technology to Gen Z attitudes.

When it comes to looking to the future, today’s context is crucial. The Covid-19 pandemic put the value of wellness into the spotlight, heightening focus on both physical and mental health.

Research reveals that people understand that exercise isn’t the only sign of a healthy lifestyle. In a survey, a good night’s sleep (90%), eating well (88%) and drinking well (82%) were all considered more important than regular exercise (77%) for having an impact on overall wellness.

There’s also greater awareness of the importance of social interactions (72%) and staying in contact with nature (69%) to overall wellbeing.

We’ll be bringing you the key Future of Wellness findings across the following areas:

  • Seeking wellness in 2063
  • Healthy people, healthy planet
  • Your club, exactly for you
  • Community across borders
  • Can we beat ageing forever?
  • Revolutionary rest

Don’t want to wait? Read the full Future of Wellness report.

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