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Fun Water-Based Activities at David Lloyd Clubs

Here at David Lloyd Clubs, we offer a wide variety of water-based activities and classes. In addition to doing lengths (or splashing about) in our swimming pools, you can sign up to one of our weekly training sessions or water-based fitness classes.

Here are a few examples of what’s on offer:


Aqua classes provide a fun and low-impact resistance workout that will increase your cardiovascular fitness, tone your muscles and strengthen your core. Set to fun, upbeat music, classes take place in the pool where you’ll perform a number of exercises using both the resistance of the water and water dumbbells.

While in land-based exercise classes, weights are normally used with a pull movement, in Aqua you use a push movement. This utilises the added resistance of the water to work your muscles harder and build strength.

Aqua is 45 minutes long and a great option for those who require a low-impact class. For example:

  • Older people
  • People with joint problems such as arthritis
  • People that are new to exercise
  • People recovering from surgery

You don’t need to worry about being able to swim to do an Aqua class – you’ll be standing in one spot the entire class and your head won’t go below the water.

Aqua Zumba

Zumba is cult-classic dance class where you follow fun routines set to Latin-inspired music. It provides a great low-impact cardio workout, with Latin-inspired moves that work the core as well as the upper and lower body for a fun, total-body routine.

While you can do a land-based Zumba class, the addition of water add extra resistance making the movements more challenging and toning muscles. Similar to Aqua, it’s a great alternative for those looking to reduce impact on joints.

All of the class instructors are specially qualified as Zumba instructors.

Master Swim 

This weekly, one-hour long class provides a thorough workout and practice session for more advanced swimmers.

Sessions are flexible and vary from week to week, however, they typically focus on improving technique and increasing fitness so you can swim further and faster.

In order to qualify for this class, you need to be able to swim 800 metres and be 18 or over. Find out more about adult swimming lessons.

Swim Team

Swim Team is a weekly practice session for children ages 8 to 16. Available to children who are able to swim 100 metres performing two of the four main strokes (swim stage 7), it will help them improve their swimming technique, gain further knowledge of swimming safety and become stronger swimmers.

Swim Team is a great class for kids who participate (or are keen to participate) in swimming galas and meetings. Here, they’ll discover team work, meet new friends and find their competitive streak, led by coaches who help them to improve their skills, stamina and confidence. Find out more about our kids swimming sessions

To find out more about the water-based activities and swimming options available to you, contact your local David Lloyd Club today.

Fun Water-Based Activities at David Lloyd Clubs | David Lloyd Clubs Blog
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Fun Water-Based Activities at David Lloyd Clubs | David Lloyd Clubs Blog
At David Lloyd Clubs, we offer a wide variety of water-based activities and classes. Find out more here.
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