Our Clubs may be closed and our gyms, classes and personal training sessions unavailable for you to enjoy, but that doesn’t stop us from caring about your fitness and helping you to achieve your goals.

When working out at home with a minimal level of space and equipment, it can be hard to properly assess and appreciate the progress you are making.

So, if you’re looking to improve your fitness levels over the next few weeks, our trainers have devised an at home Benchmark fitness test for you to measure and track your progression.

Quite simply, you need to perform a certain set of exercises which will act as a reference point on your fitness journey. You’ll then need to perform them again after 4 weeks to gauge how far you have progressed.

The Benchmark Workout:

Set a timer and complete the following exercises in the shortest possible amount of time. Remember to make a note of your time to ensure you can refer back to this next time you complete the workout.

100 jumping jacks (or side steps)

25 squats (you can modify this by using the chair as a support or rest each time you squat)

25 push ups (you can modify this by dropping onto your knees)

25 step-ups

25 sit-ups

Alternatively, if you’re daunted by this, ditch the timer and simply see how many reps you can manage, remembering to make a note of what you manage to achieve.

Workout plan:

If you’re struggling to find a short-term workout plan to suit your needs during lockdown, our 4-week plan could be just what you’re looking for.

With 3 workouts a week, it won’t take up too much of your time, but each week will see you working all of the key muscle groups via a variety of sessions.

All 12 sessions will be available via the David Lloyd Clubs app, and are designed to increase your strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness  – all of which should help you to improve your performance when tackling your next Benchmark Workout.

Stick at the workout plan for just 4 weeks and then re-try the Benchmark Workout to see how far you’ve come. You should see an improvement in your time, as well as in your overall strength and stamina. And if it motivates you to do another workout challenge, check out the app where you’ll find plenty of options to keep you fit and active.

If you’re not a member of David Lloyd Clubs and would like to find out more about David Lloyd Clubs @home, please click here.

Share your success

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