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Everything you need to know about tennis at David Lloyd Clubs

Tennis is where it all started at David Lloyd Clubs and we’re extremely proud of our extensive tennis facilities, expert coaching and fun classes.

We’ve been providing members of all ages and skill levels with all things tennis for over 30 years and we’re constantly developing and growing. In addition to the world’s largest team of qualified coaches, we have over 850 match-quality courts of all different surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, across our clubs. This means that regardless of the weather or time of year, you’re able to take a lesson, play a match or participate in a class or social event.

With a vibrant and diverse community of tennis lovers across our clubs, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in competitions, play weekly games and attend social events – making plenty of new friends in the process. With so many different people involved, it’s easy to find new people to play with who is on your level, whether you’re an experienced player or a complete beginner.

You can also learn the game from the ground up, develop new skills, work on your fitness, and so much more, with the following tennis classes and lessons at David Lloyd Clubs:

Individual and Group Lessons

Whether you’re a total beginner or simply looking to improve your technique and develop your game, lessons with a coach can be invaluable. We offer both private and group coaching lessons so you can choose what works best for you. All of our coaches are highly qualified and will work to tailor sessions to suit your individual needs and take your all-around game to the next level.

Fast Track Tennis

Fast Track Tennis is a coaching course for beginners where you’ll learn the fundamentals of tennis in a fun environment with a small group of players. Groups are kept to a maximum of 6 people per court, so you’ll receive the one-to-one attention you need.

Over the course of 4 one-hour sessions, you’ll learn to serve, volley and pick up the basics of forehand and backhand.

In the first session, you’ll learn coordination – by throwing and catching to start with before moving on to hitting the ball – all while staying close to the net.

In session 2, you’ll focus on forehands and backhands, moving farther back on the court to hit the ball a bit harder and work on the follow-through.

The third session concentrates on serving and trying to get a point started, while the fourth will finesse your serve, as well as teach you volleys, netplay/point play and teach you the points system.

For those joining the club, we offer a complimentary 4-week course for beginners and those returning to the sport to kick start their game. Contact your local club to find out more.

On Track Tennis

On Track Tennis is essentially a progression of Fast Track Tennis, allowing you to take what you’ve learned in the beginner stage to the next level. These sessions are 90 minutes long, giving you more time to hone your skills and be able to enjoy a game socially.

Tennis Drills

These high-energy, coach-led rally drills will improve your game and get your heart racing. Each session is extremely varied and will work to develop your skills and add shots to your repertoire while keeping you fit and healthy.

Sessions are split into different ability levels and our expert coaches will quickly be able to place you in a group which suits your level – beginner, improver or advanced.

They typically start with a racquet-based warm-up to get participants moving and the hitting action going. You’ll gradually move farther back on the court and hit the ball harder.

The remaining time is spent practising forehands and backhands, either rallying cross-court with each other or doing targeted drills with the coach feeding to a certain side. At a more advanced level, this will include trying to hit targets and developing more strategic shots. Serving will also be a large focus as it is absolutely critical to your game.

Sessions generally finish with point-play scenarios as you practice and use what you’ve been taught during the session. For example, you’ll earn double points for a volleyed winner if you’ve spent the session learning volleying technique.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a high-energy fitness activity on the court that combines the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate full-body, calorie-burning aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It is available to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels and you don’t need any tennis experience to participate. It’s as much about having fun and getting moving as it is about tennis skills.

Often set to music, you’ll play different tennis shots and point play during games like ‘Round the World’ where players hit the ball then run around to the opposite end of the court, or ‘Champions’ where challengers try to beat a champion and then have a limited amount of time to get to the other end when they become the champion.

Sessions are fun, social and fast-paced, including elements of pure fitness. For example, sometimes there are sessions involving PTs who will have participants using circuits, and ladders and doing things like burpees alongside fun tennis games.

If you’re looking to get in shape for tennis season on your own time, try this workout.

Junior Tennis

In Junior Tennis, 3-18 year olds are taught tennis skills by our experienced LTA-qualified coaches.

Lessons are fun and social and are split based on ability so children and teenagers can play at a level they’re comfortable with. There are 5 different groups, based around age, which they’ll be placed in in the first instance:

  • Blue (6 and under)
  • Red (6 to 8)
  • Orange (9 and under)
  • Green (10 and under)
  • Yellow (11+)

Starting off on mini courts, with mini nets, and using sponge balls, children will progress through the levels as their game and skills develop. Whenever they move up an age group, they’ll receive special kit, including a t-shirt, water bottle and wet bag. You’ll be given regular reports on their progress and ways you can help your children to get the most from their lessons.

When they’re ready, they can enter our Junior Grand Slam tournaments and, eventually, Junior Club Championships, inter-club matches and even our National Championships.

Exercise classes to support your fitness

Want to start playing tennis but aren’t confident in your overall fitness level? A David Lloyd Clubs membership gives you access to a timetable of exercise class, which you can use to kickstart your fitness routine and get you court-ready.

To find out more about tennis at David Lloyd Clubs, contact your local club today.

Everything You Need To Know About Tennis at David Lloyd Clubs
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Everything You Need To Know About Tennis at David Lloyd Clubs
We're all about tennis at David Lloyd Clubs, with extensive facilities, expert coaching and fun classes available. Find out more here.
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