A new year. Time for new results: your fitness and nutrition expert will be with you every step, lift and stretch of the way.

Working out with the guidance of a Personal Trainer is a great way of gaining confidence in the gym and reaching your fitness goals.

For those new to the gym, it’s the perfect way to familiarise yourself with the basics of exercise technique and to learn what works best for your body. And for those who have experience in the gym but aren’t quite seeing the desired results, a trainer can show you new ways to push your body, giving you fresh impetus to kickstart your fitness regime.

Whatever your goal is – weight management, toning your muscles, improving your mental health, or anything in between – a Personal Trainer can help you to devise a smart, effective training plan while providing motivation and encouragement.

What do our members say?

We caught up with 2 David Lloyd Clubs members who have regular, ongoing sessions with their favourite Personal Trainer.

All our members were put through their paces, overcame challenges and feel their lives and habits have changed significantly as a result of the time and effort they put in with a Personal Trainer. They’ve made new friends, worked on their mental and physical wellbeing, eclipsed their goals, learnt new skills to improve fitness and now feel a better all-round version of themselves.

We were given a short overview of the value of the time spent with a Personal Trainer and the successes they’re most proud of:

Tim, 38

“When I was younger, I had bags more energy, and would head to the gym with friends on a regular basis. Now, I’ve reached a stage where a lot to think about in everyday life so devising a fitness routine on my own can be challenging.

“Having a regular Personal Trainer provides me with fitness stability. Every session I have with her is a bonus as she’s constantly introducing me to new techniques and giving me moral support.

“I chose my Personal Trainer because I knew she had the technical knowledge to help me with my core strength, balance and flexibility, and I completely follow her lead on functional training and calisthenics.

“I’m feeling stronger and healthier, however, the greatest benefit I’ve found from my Personal Training is the fact that it’s erased the aches and pains I had before. The results have been incredible and it’s had a cascading effect on every other aspect of my life.”

Eva, 59

Eva has realised that the gym and Personal Trainers are not scary things, and that anyone can increase their level of fitness from any starting point if they choose to make the commitment to doing so.

“In 3 words, my experience has been totally life enhancing. I have loved every minute! My fitness has definitely improved but the standout results for me have been the way the programme has affected my confidence, my energy levels and my sleep.

“In the last 30 years, arthritis has caused me to feel very helpless about my physical strength and abilities. Now, I have taken control and responsibility as to how my life can be as I age. I know that strength training allows me to continue exercising and living the life I choose, not one that is foisted onto me by fading strength.

“When it comes to my energy, I would say that I have always felt that I was an energetic person in relation to getting things done, living my life and being happy. But now I have the added feeling of knowing that I have a boost to my physical energy.

What should you expect from a Personal Trainer at David Lloyd Clubs:

  1. Do it the right way: In being shown the correct exercises, technique and schedule, you’re likely to achieve results more safely, effectively and quickly than when you do them by yourself.
  • Tailored to you: Bespoke, personalised programmes tailored to your goals and your body’s needs and abilities i.e. an injury, disability, etc. Your programme will be entirely geared around you and what it is you want to achieve – there is no one-size fits all model.
  • Your goal is our goal: Your trainer tailors your sessions emotionally, as well as physically, working to motivate you in a way that suits you – whether it’s gently nudging or strongly encouraging.
  • Learn the tools: If you’re unfamiliar with the gym, a trainer will be able to introduce you to all the different equipment (machines, weights, and more), showing you what you should be using to achieve your goals, and how do so safely.
  • Take a load off: Many of our members start to feel comfortable enough with their trainers that they like to talk about what’s happening in their lives. Our trainers want you to get the most out of your workout so if there’s something bothering you in your personal life, feel free to unload!

For more information, you can also read our blog New to Personal Training, or visit your local David Lloyd Club.