As part of our quest to deliver a selection of high-quality fitness classes directly to your fingertips, in 2021 we launched a nationwide search to find superstar instructors who would go on to bring you on-demand classes in 2022.

Using member feedback, each David Lloyd club found their top three instructors. These awesome instructors then battled it out in a live final, with the winners selected by our members. The winners from each individual club then filmed a heap of great fitness classes which we placed on our app for you to enjoy. The member ratings determined our overall winners!

Our 11 amazing instructors have proven themselves to be the best of the best, and we can’t wait for them to bring you exciting workouts and inspiring classes straight to your homes via the David Lloyd Clubs app.

As they prepare themselves to be beamed to your screens, here’s all you need to know to find your favourites so you can look out for them on the app!

Amie, David Lloyd Acton Park

Teaches: Barre

Teaching group exercise is my passion. I love working with people, moving to the music, making people smile and changing lives. In my sessions, I focus on the fun factor. Making exercise fun and challenging will help you to reach your goals and have a great time on the way there.

There’s nothing to fear, join a session, take it at your own pace and challenge yourself as much as you want to. Everyone is welcome, so see you soon!

Joyce, David Lloyd Stevenage

Teaches: Pilates

I love what I do and I’m lucky to do what I love! The joy and smiles on participants’ faces before and after the class is so rewarding. I’m a mother of three, and grandmother too, and even with 30 years in the industry I’m excited to connect with more people through the lens! Trust me and I will guide you through, giving options and alternatives to make classes accessible for every level.

Joe, David Lloyd Bristol Long Ashton

Teaches: Legs, Bums and Core

I love group exercise because I get to share my love of exercise with everyone in the room and take them on a journey. Now I get to do this with people all around the country (and beyond) through @home classes too. I want to help more people realise that it’s fun to exercise. So if you’re new, there’s nothing to worry about, if you’re moving, you’re improving!

Gillian, David Lloyd Aberdeen

Teaches: HIIT

I love the variety, fun and motivation created by people working out together. When you work out with me, I’ll bring a positive and encouraging atmosphere through music, movement and energy. I’ll help you to safely move outside of your comfort zone to achieve your goals. You could start with five minutes and gradually build up your fitness and confidence. This could be your new favourite thing, and you’ll never know until you try.

Carly, David Lloyd Newcastle

Teaches: Dance

Everything is better when you can share it with others. Working out together makes it more fun no matter what level of fitness you’re currently at. I want to help you come away from the workout feeling incredible, and for our 20 minutes together, embrace your body and the way it moves. They say do one thing every day that scares you or is out of your comfort zone. And when we work out together you don’t have to do this alone, I’ll help you every step of the way. Sweat, smile and have fun!

Victoria, David Lloyd Knowsley

Teaches: HIIT

Group exercise is more than just exercise. It’s an emotional journey which not only changes your body but your mind, attitude, and your mood. And this is why I love it!

If I can motivate someone to reach the end of a class with a smile on their face, then I know I’ve done my job. This is my intention both in the studio, and on the screen. Who said exercise can’t be fun? Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.

Natalie, David Lloyd Ringwood

Teaches: Yoga

I love fitness and music, which group exercise enables me to bring together while  sharing my enthusiasm with others. I like to focus on the ‘why’ in my sessions, making sure we know the intention of each movement so that you understand the benefits. My voice is a big voice, clear, simple and easy to understand, so that even with your eyes closed, you’d know exactly where to go.

Patricia, David Lloyd Finchley

Teaches: BoxHIIT

I love group exercise for the simple reason that you bring together a community of people that all have one thing in common: to feel better about themselves!

The best part of my job is sharing that drive and passion with you! I love seeing people change, whether it’s their mood, bodies or introducing something new to their lives. My ultimate goal is to always leave you feeling positive and coming back for more. Whether you are new to exercise or advanced, there’s always a goal in mind that’s achievable with my workouts!

Mitchell, David Lloyd Coventry

Teaches: Yoga

I love the freedom to express myself. Having an opportunity to share in a way that brings out the expression of others (mind, body and spirit) gives me joy. My focus is on fun, education and independence. I help others become self-reliant in their practice, offering ways to unblock their mind, and step into their power. You move your body, use your mind, and have emotions everyday. Yoga is another way to do what you already do in a more conscious way.

Jenny, Harbour Club Kensington

Teaches: Barre

I love group exercise, as it’s a space where we can grow as a collective. A space where we can learn from each other, get inspired by each other’s energy, and work towards being the strongest version of ourselves as a team. In class, I really focus on big energy, clear technique, positive vibes and big beats!

First time? DO IT! Don’t worry at all about getting anything ‘wrong’ – it’s a space to learn and grow. Life would be boring if we got everything perfect first time, so take the first step and start the habit.

Gemma, David Lloyd Leicester Meridian

Teaches: Total Body Workout

I love group exercise because it brings people together to generate something positive. In a world where it can sometimes feel a little hard to find the ‘feel good’, you can guarantee that after a group exercise class you leave on a high and feel glad that you made the decision to go.

My focus in my classes is on helping every individual being the best they can be in that moment, driving them to do what they can with what they have and unlocking the potential to bring positive change in their lives.