Have your kids tried our exclusive Scooter Squad classes yet? These unique sessions are a great way to get children moving, and they make learning scooter safety a fun and social experience.

There are interactive games designed to help children learn how to ride a scooter properly, master scooter tricks and make friends. Carefully selected music and disco lighting help make the experience even more exciting and memorable.

Here’s what your kids have to look forward to in a Scooter Squad session: 

High-quality equipment

We’ve partnered with Micro Scooter to offer top-of-the-range scooters for kids in every class. Your child will have a scooter for the entirety of the class.

If your child has their own scooter, we would encourage them to bring that should they wish to use it. We also ask children to bring their own helmets to each class, to ensure they can scoot around safely. 

Fun for every age group

Scooter Squad is offered for different age groups. Classes at all age levels include road safety for scooting outside the club. As children progress, the class structure changes as they gain experience and confidence:

Age 3 to 4:

Fun interactive games that teach essential skills such as stopping safely and scooting around obstacles.

Team games that teach counting and help children to identify letters and numbers.

Disco lights and music, including our scooter song.

A scooter story at the end of each session featuring our two characters, Trix and Wheels.

Age 5 to 7:

Interactive games for learning further essential scooter skills.

Features a scooter rap rather than a song.

Children are introduced to scooter tricks to complement their basic skills.

Age 8 to 11

Tricks masterclass for kids to learn and practise tricks they can perform on their scooters.

Kids start to use low ramps to develop a wider range of tricks.

Fun, interactive individual and team games.

Music and disco lights.

Awards scheme

One Scooter Squad class is never enough. That’s why we have an awards scheme for children to work through. As they complete tasks and learn new tricks, kids can earn badges and stickers to celebrate each achievement. There are also participation awards for attending a certain number of sessions.

Scooter Squad classes are available at selected David Lloyd Clubs. Find out more about our many activities for younger members.

Have fun with scooter safety in our Scooter Squad classes for kids
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Have fun with scooter safety in our Scooter Squad classes for kids
Learn about scooter safety & our latest kids class, Scooter Squad, with interactive games designed to help children learn how to ride a scooter, master tricks & make friends.
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