Here at David Lloyd Clubs we like to recognise some of our brilliant tennis members from different clubs. Whether they’re a complete beginner, have improved, or are competing at a high level, each month we like to highlight someone special.

James Perrott plays tennis in Raynes Park at the David Lloyd Club. Take a look below to find out about his game, how David Lloyd Raynes Park’s tennis facilities and coaches have helped him, and what he hopes to get better at in the future.

James Perrott | David Lloyd Raynes Park

James Perrott

Name: James Perrott

Club: David Lloyd Raynes Park

Age: 9

Years playing tennis: 5 years

Favourite player: Roger Federer

Coach: Russell Steere Jones



What is your favourite thing about playing at David Lloyd Raynes Park?

I love doing the Squads and seeing all of my friends at the club. I also really like the coaches and that I can play indoors most of the time.

Why did you take up tennis?

My Mum signed me up for group lessons at David Lloyd Raynes Park when I was four – and I have just carried on with more and more classes since then.

What would you say your individual style of tennis is?

I like to have fun on the court! I’m lucky as well because I’m left handed.

How has tennis helped you in other aspects of your life?

It has helped me with my strength, but has also helped me focus more at school. I’ve also made lots of friends in the club which is nice, as I have lots of friends outside of school.

How has your tennis coach helped you improve your game?

Russell has made me work on my concentration and winning attitude in competitions. I have also really worked hard on my serve and volleys with him.

What is your best tennis shot and why?

My backhand is my best shot, because I put all my strength in it.

What is your weakest tennis shot and how could you improve?

My weakest shot would be my serve. I could improve it by having the chopper grip and more ball spin.

What is your favourite method of training and why?

I like doing drills in squad practice, and then matches at the end.


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