Six weeks of summer holidays can last a long time for parents as they try to come up with new ways to keep kids engaged and active. So, we’ve put together a list of activities to help you keep your kids busy, healthy and happy this holiday. Take a look…


Book an assault course

There are plenty of assault courses around the UK, and a day with friends spent running around and swinging from the trees is a great way to keep your child active and entertained. A good one to try is Go Ape where kids over 10 are strapped up to a safety harness and then let loose on tress, bridges, ropes, and logs. There are various locations all over the country, so there should be one that isn’t too far for you.

The courses are fun and safe, carefully supervised by trained professionals. There are loads of different options available so you can decide what’s best depending on their age, likes, experience etc. Go Ape is also a great way to bond teams and groups, so you might consider organising an outing with all the kids from your child’s class/sports team etc.

If you’re not looking to spend more than necessary, you can make your own ‘mini-course’ around the garden using old furniture – get creative and get the kids moving!


Take the family biking

If you have any parks/large open spaces nearby to your home, the kids will love a morning or afternoon of cycling. You can make a day of it by travelling to a more rural area – pack a picnic and head out for the whole day.

Biking is a great way to build fitness and strength, and spending time outdoors in the fresh air will leave kids calm and relaxed (and ready for a good night’s sleep!).


Teach the kids how to garden

A good and cheap way to keep the kids busy and active is to get them involved in the garden. Buy a few seeds and give them a veggie patch to look after themselves. Spend a day or two showing them how it’s done, and then let them have a go at doing it themselves, allowing them to take ownership of their own project. This will teach them good life skills, including responsibility – all while spending time outside being active. A win win.





Sign up to a family health club

We all know playing sport and getting involved in group activities is a great way for kids to stay fit, healthy, and learn valuable lessons. While school or club activities may slow down over the summer as coaches and other kids go away on holiday, places like David Lloyd Clubs stay open all year around, offering swimming, tennis and gymnastics coaching, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and much more!

You’ll find all sorts of programmes and activities for kids like the Holiday Active Kids programme, Crèche Services and our All Stars programme.

Additionally, our DL Kids activities and classes coincide with our adult exercise classes so that you don’t have to make multiple trips, or wait around for the kids. Kids classes range from sports, games, arts and crafts sessions – there’s something for every child. We also have a special F.I.T programme for kids over 11 – this involves fitness sessions led by expert instructors without parents around.


If you’re interested in finding your local David Lloyd Club and having a look around, then you can enquire here.


We hope you and your kids have an active and healthy summer holiday!