There are few better ways to spend some much-deserved down time than by relaxing in the serene surrounds of a spa.  Regular spa usage, alongside a varied, active lifestyle, will not only promote relaxation but also provides some crucial health benefits. A number of David Lloyd Clubs boast luxurious spa facilities, and this guide will help you to get the most out of your spa experience.

While there are different ways to enjoy time spent in the spa, our general recommended routine involves heating the body, then cooling the body before resting and relaxing once more. This can be repeated, especially if you’re planning on spending a full day enjoying the facilities. So, leave your phone, tablet and other distractions behind and immerse yourself in the spa.

  • Start by taking a quick shower, just to rinse your skin and help you to feel fresh and clean before you enter the main spa rooms.
  • Follow this by enjoying a gentle swim, or by sitting on comfortable beds next to the pool to unwind and settle into your spa experience. Likewise, specialist relaxation rooms infused with aromatherapy can be the perfect place to close your eyes and take some deep breaths as you transition towards a state of calm.
  • Once you’re suitably relaxed and ready, head into a heat experience room. Whether it’s a steam room or a sauna, heat rooms will stimulate circulation, open up your pores to draw out dirt from your skin and soothe your muscles and joints.
  • We advise that you spend no longer than around 10 minutes in a steam room or a sauna, and to ensure you drink plenty of water before and after you enter to make sure you replenish the fluids you’ll lose whilst in the hot conditions.

4 Key differences between steam rooms and saunas:

The main difference between the two is the type of heat. Saunas use a dry heat from heated rocks or a stove, while steam rooms use a damp heat created from the steam of boiling water. If you’re new to these rooms, you’ll notice the contrast in atmosphere immediately when switching between the two.

Saunas are usually much hotter than steam rooms, but because the humidity of steam rooms is so high, your sweat will not evaporate so you’ll feel much hotter than you would in a drier climate.

Steam rooms can be great for those suffering with congestion in the chest or sinuses, and help to remove toxins trapped below the skin.

Saunas are better for people with ailments that can be aggravated by humidity, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Once you’ve finished in your chosen heat room, you’ll then want to cool yourself down to bring your body back to a regular temperature.  Jump into the pool, douse yourself with ice from an ice fountain or enjoy a refreshing rinse under a feature shower – you’ll quickly feel invigorated and energised. The cooling effect is also beneficial for circulation, skin tone and muscle recovery.
  • After bringing your body temperature back to a normal state, sit back and relax on a comfortable bed or spend some time chilling out in a whirlpool. The warm water and bubbles will help to relax and gently soothe your muscles, whilst reducing the symptoms and sensations of fatigue.
  • If the sun is shining and you’re at a club which includes a spa garden or an outdoor pool terrace, this is the perfect time to head outside to enjoy some fresh air, especially during the summer months. Bathe in the sunshine, rest your body and soak up some vitamin D to boost that feel good factor.

After this, you can repeat the process, perhaps swapping out a steam room for a sauna, or experiencing a room with a different scent or colour scheme. Using several heat experiences to ease, relax and detoxify your body will provide calming restorative therapy. David Lloyd Clubs offer a wide range of spa facilities which will allow you to enjoy the full spa experience.

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