Each month here at David Lloyd Clubs we like to recognise one of our tennis members. Whether they’re a complete beginner, have improved, or are competing at a high level.

Phil Phillips plays tennis in Exeter at the David Lloyd Club. Take a look below to find out about his game, how David Lloyd Exeter’s tennis facilities and coaches have helped him, and what he’s looking to improve on.

Phil Phillips | David Lloyd Exeter

Name: Phil Phillips

Club: David Lloyd Exeter

Age: 58

Occupation: Equestrian smallholder

Years playing tennis: 12 years

Favourite player: Roger Federer

Coach(s): Stephan Edberg & James Wilkinson


What is your favourite thing about playing at David Lloyd Exeter?

It is the quality and consistent standard of fellow tennis players in the club.

Why did you take up tennis?

It seemed to be a natural progression after playing squash and badminton.

What would you say your individual style of tennis is?


How has tennis helped you in other aspects of your life?

It has helped me to analyse and think things through, and then put this into practice.

How has your tennis coach helped you improve your game?

Where to start! James has helped me look at and understand my approach to the game in a way I can take it on board and then progress it onto the court.

What tips do you have for people wanting to get into tennis?

Don’t be afraid, be open minded and give it a go!

What is your best tennis shot and why?

I feel I have two best shots:

a) The lob – because in my game it’s effective and accurate.

b) Attacking forehand down the line – because it gives me the opportunity to approach, attack and finish.

What is your weakest tennis shot and how could you improve?

My weakest shot is the backhand trade. To improve it’s all about repetition and practice.

Do any of the other David Lloyd Club facilities help you improve your tennis?

Yes definitely – I go to the gym for fitness and strength.

What is your favourite method of training and why?

My favourite method is cardiovascular training because I feel I gain fitness.


If you’re interested in playing tennis, find your local David Lloyd Club here.