Longer days and warmer weather mean that spring is finally here. We’re excited for the new season not just because it means the reappearance of sunshine but because it welcomes a brand new Spring/Summer menu at David Lloyd Clubs!

Not only does our new seasonal menu include a host of creative and exciting dishes packed with flavour and goodness, but two new dishes created by our very own members.

Our two new member dishes

Last autumn, we asked our members to have their say and submit a delicious dish they’d like to see on the menu. While we received hundreds of inspired dishes, we had to narrow it down to two…

The two chosen dishes are both vegetarian winners packing serious flavour and nutritional value. One is a Mexican inspired brunch dish full of protein and healthy fats (the perfect choice for a post-workout meal on the weekend); the other, a comforting and healthy veggie halloumi burger the whole family will love.

The Mexican

The Mexican is a breakfast dish submitted by Sarah Jane Shaw from Southampton West End. The dish is made up of toasted flatbread topped with spicy tomato sauce, two poached eggs, avocado and grated cheddar cheese, and is the perfect option for a post-workout re-fuel.

Sarah Jane created this dish as a healthy weekend breakfast the whole family could enjoy – with a bit of a difference!  Her two young sons love the dish and she simply batch cooks the sauce, so on the weekends, all she just has to do is whip it out the freezer.

The Halloumi Heaven

The Halloumi Heaven, a delicious grilled halloumi burger with houmous, beef tomato, red onion and garlic mayo served in a brioche bun (and accompanied by fries, of course), was created by Sam Holdaway from Worcester.

This dish is perfect for a family meal and was created by Sam, who after cutting back on meat, wanted a tasty veggie meal her whole family would love.

The new menu

When we asked our members what’s important to them when it comes to food, the two things we heard over and over again, were health and taste. We took note and are extremely proud to present a new menu that ticks both these boxes. The menu offers a variety of delicious and healthy new dishes like the harissa glazed cod, Penang vegetable Thai curry, and Tuna Niçoise salad.

There are also a number of vegetarian options available for those who are trying to cut back on meat, and tasty smaller plates for those days when you want a lighter snack and not a whole meal before or after your workout.

Take a look at our exciting new menu and decide what you’ll be ordering come 6 March!

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Discover the new spring/summer menu at David Lloyd Clubs, featuring two new member dishes and a variety of healthy and delicious options.
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