Dan and Kelly Muttock were looking for a place they could get active and spend time with their four-year-old son, Freddie. After considering their options, they joined David Lloyd Norwich – and they’ve not looked back since!

Whilst they might have felt apprehensive about using the gym to start with, they took part in four ‘Breaking The Ice’ sessions with friendly Personal Trainers from the club. The sessions, which are complimentary with membership, are a great way to learn about all the equipment in the gym, and get a programme that’s personal to you and your goals created. Both Dan and Kelly are now involved in group classes as well as having regular Personal Training sessions – which has seen them both lose weight and feel great. Plus, their club is a place they love spending time as a family, and their son is involved in swimming and tennis lessons too. Read their story…

Dan and Kelly Muttock’s story…

What made you and Kelly decide to join David Lloyd Norwich?

We were looking to join a gym with swimming facilities and had initially looked at other options due to the price differences. However when we looked around David Lloyd Norwich we agreed it was completely worth the extra money, plus it’s literally just around the corner for us so it was also about convenience.

Had you been members at a gym previously?

I had been a member at Virgin Active some years ago but didn’t get into it at all really. The club has a greater family feel to it now which is great as we have a four-year-old son who is also a member. Kelly had never held a gym membership before and was nervous about using the gym, but the friendly feel to the club has helped no end.

What facilities have you used in the club? And what have you enjoyed the most?

We have used the swimming facilities, gym, and the studio – our son also has tennis lessons and swimming lessons. We also regularly use the new cafebar facilities too. For Kelly and I, we’ve most enjoyed using the gym so far.

What made you book in for a ‘Breaking the Ice’ session?

We wanted to begin using the gym but didn’t really have any idea on how to achieve our goals. We originally asked at reception about Personal Training sessions to get us started, and that’s when the Breaking The Ice sessions were first explained to us. They sounded just what we were after!

How have these sessions helped you both?

They have helped us both massively, we were both apprehensive about using the gym and the equipment (Kelly more than I). The Breaking The Ice sessions introduced us to the gym environment and the equipment, it also got us talking to a few of the coaches who were able to create programmes to help us achieve our goals. One of the coaches we met, Lizi, is now our Personal Trainer.

What do you enjoy most about being a member at David Lloyd Norwich?

We obviously enjoy the fantastic facilities, but we also enjoy the friendly, social side of the club. We often go down to the club for food in the new restaurant while our four-year-old son plays in the kids area and on the iPads. The area is great for keeping him occupied and giving us a much needed rest.

Have you tried out any of the group exercise classes?

We currently do a Total Conditioning class with Helen Barnes on a Monday evening, which is great. Helen seems to understand that everyone is at different levels, and while she encourages you to work hard she makes sure the class suits everybody.

How much weight have you and Kelly each lost so far?

Kelly has currently lost 1stone 7lb, and I have lost 2stone 10lb.

Are you happy to maintain this weight, or have you set yourself further targets?

I am aiming to lose another stone and also to gain a better physique, Kelly is also hoping to lose further weight.

Is there any advice you would give to someone who’s feeling nervous about joining and going into the gym?

I would say don’t be nervous at all! I can only speak for the staff and the club in Norwich but everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly. They understand that not everyone has the perfect body or level of fitness, and that everyone must have a starting point. I’d say use the Breaking The Ice process to get to know people and how to use the equipment, and just take it from there.

You mentioned that you have Personal Training session twice a week – how have these helped you progress?

We see our Personal Trainer, Lizi, twice a week – we’re always pushed in these structured session. Lizi also gives us our training to do outside these sessions, so we really know that what we are doing is benefiting us. It’s not just about the training though, Lizi helps and reassures us when we are doubting ourselves and the puts us back on the right track.

Would you like to join a David Lloyd Club?

If you’re interested in joining a David Lloyd Club then we’d love to help! You can search for your local club by clicking here – then if you’d like to, you can enquire about membership. Someone from the relevant club will be in touch to arrange a tour to show you around, and discuss membership options with you.

Dan and Kelly Muttock's journey to feeling fit and healthy
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Dan and Kelly Muttock's journey to feeling fit and healthy
Dan and Kelly Muttock were looking for a place they could get active and spend time with their four-year-old son. After joining David Lloyd Norwich they've both lost weight, use a great range of facilities and feel much healthier! Read about their journey...
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